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  • We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”  ~Anais Nin, French Author, 1903-1977

    After reading all my FaceBook friends’ posts about the wicked winter weather we were having on Super Bowl Sunday, I decided that it was not the time for me to tuck in, stay in my jammies, order a pizza, drink wine, watch TV and blow off my cardio for the day.

    Ancient words crept back in my head reminding my cardio conscience about what I really needed to do next. “Just because your friend jumps off a bridge . . .“ remember the litany? So, I decided to devote the next two hours entirely to myself and my health. And out into the elements I went.


    Now, don’t think I took my whole hour’s cardio walk outside in that blizzard like I used to. But back in January of 2003 when I started walking daily in earnest, I was a good twelve years younger, right? So, bundling up and striking out in that kind of weather was the norm for me . . . not so much now. However, I can proudly say that I made it over to the health club to get my cardio and strength training in before the big game.

    As I worked out, I asked myself what makes the difference between me and someone else who constantly says they would do anything to lose weight, yet perpetuates their overeating guilt, struggling endlessly with one diet after the next. Or, worse yet, on no real diet at all.

    One of the club members whom I polled said that what actually separates them from us or someone else who is as dedicated and disciplined as we are about maintaining our weight is that we care a whole lot more about ourselves and our health over the long haul than eating any carby-crap food in the world.

    Believe me, it’s not that difficult to lose all your unhealthy, unwanted weight once and for all. You just have to really care about how you feel, how you move or don’t move, and about how you look . . . You gotta wanna . . .

    When I was 317 pounds and climbing, I hated the way I felt, hated that I couldn’t move well – not like I used to at a much lighter weight – and I really hated how I looked – even though fashion design, beauty and glamour were my professions as well as my passions.

    So, what I want to know is, why don’t you care enough about yourself to buckle down and finally lose all your unhealthy, unwanted weight once and for all – so that you can become healthier, move better – more pain free, and look more fabulous, too?

    Why continue with all the lip service about going on a diet, “eating healthy,” starting an exercise plan, blah, blah, blah?? And then do nothing . . .

    Ask yourself this: Why won’t you stop eating all that carby crap that’s keeping you over weight and fat?

    Tell me why – so then we both can understand what it’s gonna take for you to Commit To Get Fit . . . and Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss.

    Right now

    Just askin’.

    Just sayin’.