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  • Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.

    -W. Clement Stone,
    American businessman, philanthropist, & New Thought self-help book author

    You always gotta have a plan. Oftentimes people attempt to lose weight without a real one. Sure, they try to combine a healthy, effective, low carb eating strategy with daily cardio and they lose a few pounds, but then get lax and lazy – and before they know it – they’ve packed all the weight they lost right back on.

    art 4And sometimes even more – by eating everything in sight.

    I had a plan right from the giddy-yup; experimented and improvised as I went along to find what worked for me, and others like me – and what didn’t. Now I happily share my successful weight loss and fitness strategies with you here and in my new book, Commit To Get Fit: Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss.

    I’ve found that one of the crucial “Keys” to true and everlasting weight loss success is to truly research your diet – find the one that worked the best for you in the past – and get on it right away. Low carb works like a charm for me as well as for many others who constantly struggle with their weight. Read my book and you’ll find out exactly why . . .

    Make your plan for success today. Write it all down every step of the way, every single day. Your weight, distance walked, even the foods you eat. Record it all in your fitness journal. Daily.

    Then you just plain gotta do it!

    Stop wishing.

    Stop whining.

    No excuses!

    Practice doing, and by all means, expect success – you deserve it.

    Try it and see . . . what have you got to lose but all your unhealthy, unwanted weight – once and for all.

    Having a definite plan, a specific purpose is the starting point of all achievement.

    Aren’t you worth it?

    * As with any new diet and fitness plan, be sure to check with your physician before you begin. 

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    Laura Dion-Jones is a Pro-Health Activist, Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, Radio Show Host, motivational & lifestyle writer & speaker. To learn more about Laura Dion-Jones, her products, services, and blog posts, visit her at www.commit-fit.com