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  • “The only people who never fail are those who never try.”

    Ilka Chase
    (1905-1978, American author, actor)

    ldjEveryone knows that Chicago is known for her wicked, wildly unpredictable weather, but what’s been happening this winter leaves even us longtime residents in disbelief.

    When winter finally walloped the Windy City, no one was prepared. Actually, we didn’t believe we were going to get hit with as much snow as we have – but thank God, we’re not on the east coast – so how dare we complain? Right?

    With sub-zero temperatures, snow whipping out of the north and west, one might think that taking their daily cardio walk outside is a bit nuts . . .

    Color me crazy, then, cos it’s only cold when you stand still!

    And color me stupid for walking in Chicago’s frigid temps one night last week at twilight. I bitched and moaned plenty – until about 10 minutes into my extremely brisk walk – and you have to realize that I’m one who would rather freeze her brains right out of her head than mess up her perfectly coiffed hair with some sort of stupid-looking hat. I just hate not looking my best at all times – regardless.

    From my experience of walking over 40,000 miles outside since 1/1/03, I find that if I’m bundled and comfy, I’ll walk forever, no matter what the weather. I have really come to love my daily outdoor cardio walk so much that I get snarky when I make BS excuses and cheat myself out of it.

    I know a lot of people who could use some of this same motivation, however . . .

    Roll back to the previous Sunday morning: Annoying as it was getting my face wind-whipped by diminutive daggers of ice mixed with snow, my walk was more exhilarating than you could ever imagine.

    An hour later, I arrived at the gym just in the nick of time because the snow really started to come down. Luckily, I was bundled up to my ears cos the wind chill was well below zero and I was bound and determined to get my cardio walk in – outside.

    Sometimes I just get to the point where I can’t take another step indoors right then, so, I have no choice but to bundle and brave the elements. And once I get out that door, I’m never sorry I did. And you won’t be, either.

    This is yet another example of the more interesting challenges we’re presented with every time we take our daily walk outside. We never know what we’re going to run in to. Keeps it fascinatingly fresh that way.

    And fascinatingly fresh is just the ticket you need to keep yourself interested in making daily walking a lifelong habit.
    Nothing else squelches your efforts to make physical fitness a daily habit like a boring, fruitless routine – from the diet you choose to the activity you pick as your form of daily cardio.

    You do know that dieting alone will not give you the long-term weight loss results you desperately crave without combining it with a serious daily cardio routine.

    You cannot exercise away a bad diet.

    So, if you have a hankerin’ to fit walking into your daily schedule, don’t let the weather deter you. Put together your winter walking wardrobe, make sure you have good, safe-soled hiking boots and get your buns out that door. Prontito.

    The rest of you who live where the sun almost always shines and the temps don’t ever dip down to fur coat weather have got it made, if you ask me.

    I guarantee you’ll have some of the most exhilarating walks to reflect on and amazing adventures to recount to your family and friends after.

    Just because February, March and Mother Nature are a tad out of sync – doesn’t mean you have to be.

    You know the drill: Walk daily for the health of it. Walk daily for your life.

    Without a doubt, “The only people who never fail are those who never try.”

    As Yoda says, “There is no “try,” only DO.”