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  • Night Before the Big Weigh-In BookT’was the night before the new Commit To Get Fit big weigh-in and all through the house, not a creature was stirring nor eating a low carb mouse.

    The scale was placed on the floor right in front of the fridge, in hopes that the Carb Fairy wouldn’t notice their ‘idge.

    Micky in her kerchief, and Mike in his cap, were all settled in with popcorn, Pepsi, their kids and some snacks.

    When what to my watering eyes should appear, none other than Laura, the Motivation Maven, and her Commit To Get Fit pals in all their fine, feathered gear.

    “Get up off that sofa, you lazy little sloths, you’re lookin’ like Tony Soprano’s boys hangin’ ‘round the “Stugots.”

    Strap on them walking shoes, Micky, Mikey and all, Commit To Get Fit and Lose It With Laura now – or else risk a big health fall.”

    “Please help us, please help us!” cried Micky, Mike and the kids – “we promise to move more and eat healthier – if we only knew what that is!

    We swear we’ll all come Commit To Get Fit and follow your lead – just tell us there’s hope so we’re sure we’ll succeed.

    We’re tired of struggling and not getting anywhere, if you’ll please show us the way you did it – then we’re sure to get there.

    We promise we’ll give up those unhealthy, poisonous, nasty old carbs and we’ll even walk every day instead of taking the car.

    We wanna be healthy and we wanna get fit. Speedo-worthy by summer sounds good to us, too, but we know our diet, daily cardo and health’s really it.

    We gotta change our workout habits, gotta learn something new. We’re ready to do whatever it takes, even walking ‘round the block to start – wait and see – we’ll just show you!

    We’ve heard all the stories and even know all your successful stats. We pray your motivational ways will finally help us – we’re sick of being fat.

    And we know we can’t accomplish this weight loss thing in just a few days, but we swear on all your fine Reindeer we’re ready to change our really bad ways.

    We know we’re committing for the longest of hauls – we have to Commit To Get Fit and Lose It With Laura to show we’ve got gall.”

    Laura’s C2GF book and classes will help you for the rest of your life, she’ll teach you healthy eating, moving daily and will save you from strife.

    Make “We lost it with Laura” your new battle cry – come Commit To Get Fit and watch your weight vanish in almost the blink of an eye.

    Everyone wins this weight loss challenge this go’round – cos the prize is your life and a healthier future – all safe and all sound.

    So, if this isn’t compelling enough – even for you – well then, just count those carbs over Christmas, Chanukkah, and New Years – be sure to walk daily and join Laura and her Crew in January for a brand new, happier, healthier, more fun you!

    Happy Holidays to all y’all and a Merry good night!