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    All of our presentations are tailor made to fit the needs of each audience. We cover a wide range of topics on health, wellness and stress reduction. Here are a few of our most popular:

    Sustainable Weight Loss

    If you’re the kind of person who gains weight just by looking at food, Laura’s programs are for you. Laura will show you how to make this the year you finally begin to lose weight. Then she’ll teach you how to sustain that weight loss and improved wellness, once and for all.

    • Learn how you can achieve the same results Laura achieved from her 150-pound weight loss.
    • Find the diet that’s right for you.
    • Learn how to make healthier food choices you can live with.
    • Discover how daily walking can help you get (and stay) fit.

    Nutrition the Healthy Low Carb Way

    Laura’s 150-pound weight loss taught her that a healthy, low carb approach to weight loss is safe for most overweight and chronically obese people. All of the doctors she works and consults with agree and advocate a healthy, low carb way of life.

    • Find out if you’re highly carb sensitive and what to do about it.
    • Learn how to break the white starch and sugar addiction…and keep it broken.
    • Learn how to get the weight off and maintain it, even with squeezing in a cheat meal here or there.
    • Discover what to eat and where to draw the line.
    • Learn how to bend a healthy, low carb diet to work for you.

    Carbohydrates and the Insulin Factor

    The insulin hormone is one of the most powerful and efficient substances that your body uses to control the use, distribution, and storage of energy. According to Dr. Mark Stolar, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Division of Endocrinology at Northwestern University, it’s also referred to as the “fat hormone”. Eat a high carbohydrate diet, and your pancreas turns those white starches and sugar to insulin. Good luck losing weight!

    In Laura’s case, years of existing on sweets and low fat, white starchy carbs made it impossible for her to lose weight and keep it off. In her programs, she shows you how she learned to make healthy food choices.

    • Learn about insulin, carbohydrates (high, low and complex) and how they affect your weight.
    • Discover how insulin’s effects lead to excess fat storage and weight gain.
    • Understand why a healthy, low carb diet is successful.
    • Learn the difference between the many forms of sugar, which are most harmful to you and what they do to your endocrine system.
    • Understand why fiber is important and discover which foods are key sources in a healthy, low carb diet.
    • Learn why those “empty calories” are just that… empty, and why they’re no good for you.

    Motivational Coaching to Increase Employee Productivity

    When employees are over weight, sick, stressed or disorganized, the quality of work diminishes and your company’s bottom line suffers. Laura’s motivational coaching programs helps attendees clear through the clutter and become happier, healthier and more productive.

    • Learn how to manage your time more efficiently and get more done.
    • Discover and eliminate the roadblocks that are keeping you stuck.
    • Turn procrastination into action and learn how to focus on tasks at hand.
    • Work towards achieving and sustaining a healthy balance between professional and personal lifestyle.
    • Motivated employees are more productive and work harder.
    • Drops in productivity may stem from low employee motivation.
    • Highly motivated employees better serve their customers and community.
    • Ask yourself: When was the last time your HR department conducted an employee satisfaction survey?

    Stress Management Through Meditation

    This relaxing, enlightening program is designed for people who have never meditated or have tried it and said they can’t because their minds are too active.

    An over-active mind is exactly why you need to meditate! Because meditation is one of the crucial keys to true and everlasting weight loss.

    • Learn what meditation is and is not.
    • Clear up common misconceptions about meditation using simple instructions we teach in class, so you can start your meditation practice right now….today!
    • Get a handle on stress reduction and will power reinforcement via inspiring goal setting techniques using meditation and daily fitness journaling.