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  • By
    Laura Dion-Jones
    Why do we constantly search
    outside ourselves for what we already know to be effective measures
    for true and everlasting weight loss?
    A recent weight loss article in
    Forbes got my dander up:
    Study Finds Healthy Diet Can
    Help Reverse Brain Damage Caused By Overeating, Aid In Permanent
    Weight Loss,” by Melanie Haiken.
    Diet and exercise do matter
    regardless of these studies. White starch and sugar are the biggest
    culprits of obesity and the medical and media establishments know it.
    The constant quest for “the
    next new diet” and not working with our bodies to heal the
    damage we’ve done through years of eating high carb and fats proves
    it. Break the white starch and sugar carb addiction, combined with
    daily cardio and your unhealthy weight will fall off and stay off for
    as long as you stick to your new, healthy, low carb lifestyle eating
    and daily exercise plan. 

         We have been taught to dislike
    the 4-letter word: Diet. But a diet by any other name is STILL a

    as the Forbes article claims, is it really possible to heal
    the hypothalamus at all or is just breaking the carb addiction
    combined with daily cardio enough?
    fact that TV’s “The Biggest Loser” contestants regain
    almost all of their weight within 1-2 years following their “15
    Minutes of Fame” is proof that unless you make the diet you’ve
    chosen to lose your unhealthy weight once and for all your forever
    eating lifestyle – the weight ain’t gonna stay off. Unless you break
    your white starch and sugar carb addiction – you’re doomed to more of
    the same yo-yoing struggle forever. 
    all the prescription weight loss drugs in the world will not keep
    your weight off if you do not live your healthier eating plan for
    statement made by Dr. Louis Aronne, “We don’t know exactly how
    it works,” tells me it’s the medical establishment’s same
    old-same old, while breaking one’s addiction to harmful carbs is
    undoubtedly one of the crucial keys to true and everlasting weight
    loss – combined with a minimum of an hour of cardio a day, that is.
    for Dr. Aronne to say, the drugs he advises people to take “have
    been studied very thoroughly and these (negative) concerns are
    unfounded. And more importantly, the seriousness of the health
    problems – and the increased risk of death – associated with
    obesity outweigh the risks of the drugs,” is ridiculous. It’s
    not his heart and vital organs that would be at risk from taking
    these questionable weight loss meds.
    don’t know about you, but I’d rather stay fat than risk heart valve
    damage or anything else because of the side effects from Qsymia and

    you simply cannot exercise away a bad diet nor can you take magic
    potions and pills to do it for you, either. You have to suck it up
    and break the carb addiction – getting it done for yourself in order
    for your unhealthy weight to come off and stay off once and for all.
    some of you know, I’m living proof. I’m in my 10th year of weight
    loss maintenance, down 150 pounds, from a low carb Atkins lifestyle
    combined with serious daily cardio.

    on this?
    on my letter above from a guy named, Tony and a guy names Sam:

         Yes, the carb intake must be
    reduced because it does so much harm to our systems but you still
    have to burn more calories than you eat or you won’t lose weight. 
    That is as simple as it gets.
    Like Dr. Aronne says, “you
    can’t keep putting more gas in the tank without running the engine to
    burn it up or else you start storing gas and your car (your body)
    keeps getting heavier and heavier.”     Hence, the saying you can’t
    exercise away a bad diet. 
         A diet is worse for you if it’s
    all fat and carbs.  However if a person only burns 2000 calories
    a day through their daily activity and keeps consuming 3000 calories
    of “healthy” food a day, guess what?  They are going to
    continue to gain weight even on a “healthy” diet. 

         It takes both to lose and
    maintain your desired weight: A combination of a healthy diet and
    daily exercise.  More burning than consuming to lose initially
    and then a balance of burn and consume to maintain.
    That is a wakeup call. I passed the stress test easily but the found a blockage. I take a cholesterol control med and workout. I read up on cooking oils and use olive oil in eating recipes. I just started cooking with coconut oil. I’m assuming you use cardio and weight training?  Sam
    Darling Sam,
    Cut your white starch and sugar carbs down to 35 gr. a day and combine with (working up to) a minimum of an hour’s cardio a day. Weight training min of 3 days a week along with core strength and balance training. And you’ll not only be lighter, healthier and more svelte, you’ll be Golden, too!
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    As with any new diet and fitness plan, be sure to check with your
    physician before you begin.