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    Greetings everybody- Dr. Bob Weil here, sports podiatrist & host of “the sports doctor”, live Wednesdays, 3-4pm, CST on Healthylife Radio, healthylife.net. My show features guests & topics from the whole spectrum of sports medicine, health, wellness, nutrition & fitness. You can access past shows, read articles & get more info at sportsdoctorradio.com

    Last week 9/9 I was joined for a return visit by Laura Dion Jones, popular wellness, fitness & weight loss coach, TV, radio host & author of “Commit to get Fit: find the secret to Your Own True & Everlasting Weight Loss”. Laura was previous guest 7/23/14 & you can access both shows at sportsdoctorradio.com
    Laura is a knowledgable, passionate guest with a compelling personal story of triumph & lasting success from long lasting weight loss to her walking over 40,000 miles over the past more than a decade for her fitness & cardio program! Her no nonsense approach to nutrition & it’s crucial role in “all things fitness” is another valuable part of her philosophy & discussion.

    Mixing in some good humor along with such important info makes Laura Dion Jones a dynamite guest that has been well appreciated by my listeners. See for yourself- take a listen to the 7/23/14 & 9/9/15 shows, you’ll be glad you did… Cheers, Dr. Bob WeilListen at: http://bit.ly/1NU4mDl