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  • By
    Laura Dion-Jones
    “The only way of finding
    the limits of the possible
    is by going beyond them
    into the impossible.”
    Arthur C. Clarke
    science fiction author:
    A Space Odyssey, inventor, and futurist)
                I was recently interviewed on eHealth
    Radio’s Fitness, Weight Management and
    Nutrition channel by host, Eric Michaels. You can find the podcast on
    my www.commit-fit.com
    website under the NEWS tab.
                What will you gain from listening to
    this interview? The opportunity to use my words as a “Commit To Get
    Fit mini tune-up” that will hopefully help get you back on track
    with your weight loss and daily cardio routines – cos right about
    now, I hear a lot of you are still struggling with your weight loss
    and wellness plans. And you shouldn’t be . . . cos it’s not all
    that difficult to lose your unhealthy, unwanted weight just like I
    did – once and for all.
                My eHealth interview is a little
    something to help you find your way back to the road to wellness –
    look at it as the “Cliff Notes” of what I cover in my Commit To
    Get Fit With Laura Dion-Jones book, presentations and seminars.
    And if you’re
    thinking about Olympic Gold someday – it might be a stretch for you
    and little too early (or late) for that, but one thing’s for sure –
    in order to succeed in any weight loss and wellness plan, you have
    to set clear weight loss and wellness goals and reinforce them every
    And if you’ve
    fallen off the wellness wagon, you need to climb back on and begin
    again, right now – today.
    Want to walk or run
    a faster lap? Yen for a quicker step? Wanna lose 20, 40, 100 pounds
    or more? Be able to walk an hour without needing a nap after?
    These things could
    very well happen but your first step is to define your weight loss
    and wellness goals by writing them down and/or stating them out loud
    to your class, friends, family, co-workers, boss, or me, your new
    motivational weight loss coach. Tell someone who will remember your
    intentions and remind you about them – and hold you accountable.
    When you “go
    public” with your goals, it’s hard to break the contract you set
    up with yourself and others. It gets really embarrassing when you
    don’t stick to your goal.
    The difference
    between a goal and a daydream is that the goal requires action to
    achieve it. The daydream happens the rest of the time when we’re
    sitting on the sofa, driving – or just contemplating.
    Do what I did:
    learn to hold yourself accountable – cos who else is there in the
    end but you, really?
    Write your goals
    down in your fitness journal and also post them where you’ll see
    them the most – fridge, freezer, bathroom mirror, on your computer
    screen, dashboard – places like that.
    Your next step is
    to give yourself a reasonable deadline. Do like I always do for
    important events, holidays, and other significant benchmarks – I
    count backwards from the deadline date and set myself daily points of
    reference on my calendar to keep me on track along the way.
    Creating smaller,
    incremental goals to motivate you as you go will help keep you on
    Make everything you
    do count toward your end objective of improved health, fitness,
    weight loss and wellness.
    When you write it
    all down – your goals become your reason, your road map – the
    “why” you’re doing it in the first place.
    I can help you
    figure out the “how” that fits in with your daily lifestyle –
    but I can’t do it for you.
    All I can tell
    you is the only way of finding the limits of what’s possible with
    regard to your weight loss and wellness is by going beyond them into
    the impossible.
    Walk, weigh and
    write it all down every day. Use everything you do as motivation.
    Nothing else matters if we do not have better health and fitness. How
    can we help others if we cannot help ourselves?
    Now, go listen to
    my eHealth radio podcast for that blast of positive fresh air and
    motivational support you need right about now . . .
    Yours in terrific health,
    # # #
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    As with any new diet and fitness plan, be sure to check with your
    physician before you begin.