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  • Remove yourself from the buffet area ASAP. Join in on a group that is having vigorous verbal stimulation or start your own
    interesting, lively topic of conversation.  Offer to help the hostess. Pick up plates, serve drinks, do whatever.

    Keep moving and not stuffing yourself. Keep busy and out of the food. Get up and clear the table. Tidy up the dishes. Take out the garbage. Just move!

    Here’s another one of my personal favorite, tried-and-true, Healthy, Holiday Eating Survival Tips over the next few days, all the way to Christmas day!

    For your copy of Holiday Healthy Eating Survival Tips: A Comprehensive Guide Guaranteed to Keep Weight Off Through Every Holiday, Birthday and Beyond By Laura Dion-Jones go to www.commit-fit.com and sign up for my motivational emails. Motivation when and where you need it most . . .