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  • commit“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from.  All that matters is where you are going.”

    -Brian Tracy

    How would you like to lose 10-20-30 or more pounds by the end of this year? You can do it, and without suffering, punishing, or depriving yourself, too. All you have to do is recommit to your weight loss, fitness, and improved personal appearance goals right now – no matter what day of the week it is.

    Think about what diet you’ve tried in the past that worked the best for you, the one that you stuck to the longest. Now think about how you can incorporate that same eating plan into a permanent lifestyle change.

    Changing your “food attitude” is crucial.

    Traditionally, for us chronic yoyo-ers, once we lose a good amount of weight, we get cocky, then bored, then slip right back into our old eating habits. The next thing we know, we push the scale’s numbers into the upper stratosphere once again – most of the time even higher than before we began our last “diet.”

    Maintenance? Ha! Just another eleven-letter word, if you would’ve asked me. That was then. This is now.

    After a lifetime of trying every diet in the book and more, I’ve found the Atkins Diet works the best for me, but with the slight modification of adhering to a lower-fat version and adding at least one low glycemic fruit a day, as per my doctor’s request. This works like a charm for me and is, in fact, the only way of eating where I’ve been able to lose weight and maintain it consistently into my 11th year. What more proof do you need.

    The most important thing I’ve discovered on this diet is that I finally, wisely learned to make a low-carb lifestyle my lifestyle. And it’s no “craze” like some in the medical and media communities claim. I’m living proof. It’s the only way for me, and if you constantly struggle with your weight, may be the only way for you, too.

    The second we eat what are apparently too many of the wrong carbs for our body – the white starchy, sugary carbs – our weight packs on by the handful. And we’re addicted, once again.

    Until we break our carb addiction, you can walk from here to the Hamptons, and diet till your hair’s blue – but nothing’s going to happen.

    We need to break the cycle, the addiction. And carb addiction is just that – a viscous, compulsive cycle.

    Bottom line: You also have to move lots more than you’re used to moving while you develop a new food attitude. Atkins, South Beach and The Zone are all excellent choices for a successful, long-term, healthy, low carb eating strategy. Pick one and get going.

    And you can call it anything you like, but a serious diet, a sincere lifestyle change is the only way you’ll ensure long-term weight loss success. Period. It has to become part of you – the new, healthier, more vibrant, more glamorous you.

    Ultimately, the diet that works for you in the long run is the one you’re going to stick to through thick and thin, through ups and downs, through weekend temptations and, yes, even through the holidays – especially after you reach your goal weight.

    Better health is a forever proposition. There is no other way. I know you know that.

    You have to constantly recommit to your fitness, health and appearance goals daily regarding your new food attitude and walking regimen.

    You need to get tough with yourself and really mean business, especially if your life depends on it. And if it doesn’t right now, rest assured, it soon will – especially if you stay the way you are.

    Remember: Where you’re going isn’t all that matters – it’s how you’re gonna get there that matters most.

    Commit To Get Fit . . . the rest is a piece of cake.

    # # #