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    It’s strictly up to you to educate yourself about your own health and fitness. Knowledge is power. Use it to your advantage.

    Here are some of the most important health, fitness and diet books you can read besides my book: Commit To Get Fit: The Secret to True and Everlasting Weight Loss.

    Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution. The Amazing No-Hunger Weight Loss Plan That Has Helped millions Lose Weight and Keep It Off
    by Robert C. Adkins, M.D.
    I’m living proof that this diet (in a modified form for me) not only works, but can be used to maintain your weight loss and wellness long term – regardless of what some of the “experts” say. I’m living proof. You gotta wanna, and if you really wanna, you’ll find the right way that works for you.
    The NEW Atkins for a New You
    by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, and Dr. Jeff S. Volek..
    This healthy lifestyle focuses on maintenance from Day 1,
    insuring that you’ll not only take the weight off – you’ll keep
    it off for good. Featuring inspiring success stories, all-new
    recipes, and 24 week’s worth of meal plans, The NEW Atkins for a
    New You, offers the proven low carb plan that has worked for
    millions, now totally update and even easier than ever.
    No More Fat Kids, A Pediatrician’s Guide For Safe and Effective Weight Loss
    by Dr. James R. Bailes, Jr., MD, with Dr. Misty Trent-Strow, MD.
    An eye-opener of a book, this is a comprehensive guide to improving an overweight child’s overall health, wellbeing and self-esteem. As an adult reading his book, I found that it helped clarify and demystify the principles of a safe, healthy low carb diet and lifestyle. No more excuses.
    The NEW Atkins for a New You Workbook
    by Colette Heimowicz.
    Forget what you think you know about Atkins. The NEW Atkins Diet is all about personalization – including a range of delicious protein, healthy fats, and fresh vegetables – and this workbook is an essential part of the plan. It doesn’t belong in the kitchen or on a bookshelf: take it with you for carb counting, motivational tips, and advice for shopping or eating on the go. The NEW Atkins for a New You Workbook offers tools for new and experienced dieters alike to achieve significant weight loss in an easy, practical and measurable way.
    The NEW Atkins for a New You Cookbook
    by Colette Heimowicz.
    The NEW Atkins for a New You revolutionized low carb eating and introduced a whole new approach to the classic Atkins Diet, offering a more flexible and easier to maintain lifestyle. But there’s one thing people keep asking for: more Atkins-friendly recipes. And that’s what The NEW Atkins for a New You Cookbook delivers – it’s the first cookbook to reflect the new Atkins program, featuring 32 pages of full color photographs and 200 original low carb recipes that are: Quick, Simple, Accessible and Delicious.
    Good Calories. Bad Calories. Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on Diet, Weight Control and Disease
    by Gary Taubes.
    Another eye-opener of a book. I wish every physician, dietician and health care professional in the world would put ego aside and read this one. It might help the ones left clinging to outdated diet dogma to help you more effectively by pointing out important evidence of another viable option than the same old-same old.
    The South Beach Diet
    by Arthur Agatston, M.D.
    Very Atkins-like but drawn out in a slightly different manner. Some like this diet because of the “South Beach-y,” glamour aspect of it. Too broad-based for me, however. I need a more Atkins-like approach. Whatever works, do it.
    Enter The Zone – A Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently” Reset Your Genetic Code: Prevent Disease: Achieve Maximum Physical Performance
    by Barry Sears, Ph.D.
    One of my former doctors pooh-poohed this diet when I wanted to go on it while under his care several years ago. I went ahead and did it anyway and six weeks later, much to his surprise, my LDL and HDL were a good sixty-some points lower and my triglycerides experienced a significant decline, also. When I pointed all this out to him, he said it was “a fluke.” I said, “Adios.” Then I found Dr. Mark Stolar.