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  • “Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell.”


    opportunityAll too often we don’t recognize a prime opportunistic moment when we should.

    Sometimes the knock is subtle, almost inaudible. Sometimes it’s a ringing in the ear so loud you can barely hear yourself think, and sometimes it’s like someone’s leaning on your doorbell trying to bang its way into your head.

    Whatever the case, if we choose to ignore opportunity when she knocks for whatever reason, shame on us.

    For those who need to lose a bit of weight to be more healthy, lively and fit, the opportunities are all around you. You just have to find the right ones that work best for you.

    And after struggling with chronic obesity for most of my life, I can say that waking up from a food-induced coma at 317 pounds and climbing was the perfect opportunity for me to take the heifer by the horns and do something about my weight, my rapidly disintegrating health, and my life – before it was too late.

    And another opportunity for me to change for the healthier came when I discovered how much a modified Atkins low carb diet and doing daily cardio could help me.

    If, at that point, I chose not to pay attention, shame on me – cos opportunity was headed for someone else’s door next.

    At 317 pounds, I was just plain sick of hauling myself around, not to mention all the physical pain, the unhappiness and anguish being that fat caused me. And my mortality risk was at an all-time, morbidly unhealthy high.

    A modified Atkins low carb diet and daily cardio continue to serve me well since February of ‘02. And after losing 150-plus pounds on my own and walking over 40,000 daily cardio miles, I’m still at it.

    Why? Because that combo works like nothing else to shave your unhealthy, unwanted weight off – once and for all – for as long as you work it. But you gotta wanna . . .
    And, don’t think I have an easy time of it by now – it takes total and complete vigilance each and every day.

    Except for Saturday nights. I save them for my “cheat meals.”

    What’s a “cheat meal” for me? Just ask those who go out to dinner with me and have to practice self-defensive eating when it comes to the bread basket and desserts.

    And this past Saturday night, I did not disappoint.

    Eating a two nice, crusty, tooth-snapping pieces of Italian bread (smothered in butter) that could snap off a tooth if you bit in the wrong way – sent me straight to Heaven. And what would a special Saturday evening supper be without a whopper of a deliciously decadent dessert to “share?” Ahem . . .

    However, no matter how hog-wild I go on a Saturday night with regard to my white starch and sugar consumption – come Sunday morning, I know a health and fitness opportunity when I see one and it’s right back on that scale.

    And as I pull on my walking clothes the morning after, I have visions dancing in my head of all the crap I ate the night before – knowing that you cannot exercise away a bad diet. However, that knowledge along with my old, fat self chasing me down the street are what always, always, always snap me back to reality, no question, reminding me of my commitment to my low carb and daily cardio lifestyle ahead.

    Or else.

    One thing’s for sure: you can always count on that old devil, temptation, to relentlessly lean on your doorbell until he gets you to answer and do exactly what he wants.

    Tell me I’m wrong . . .

    You’d be wise to wise up and make a new health and fitness opportunity yours. Begin right now, today, to Commit To Get Fit and let me help you find the secret to your own true and everlasting weight loss right now.

    Go to my website for info on group, individual, organizational and corporate motivation, weight loss and wellness packages that are available.

    Temptation may lean on your dang doorbell, but opportunity knocks only once – so listen up.

    Or else.