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  • “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

    Epictetus (50-138, Phrygian Philosopher)


    ldjHow often do you exercise?

    According to a recent media survey, 35% of the respondents said rarely, 12% owned up to only a few times a month, 33% admitted to a few times a week, and only 20% proudly said that they did daily workouts. Include me in the daily workout group.

    And speaking of daily workouts, it’s only approximately 153 days from today till summer! What will it take for you to become speedo-worthy by then? Hell, what will it take for you to just Commit To Get Fit and lose all that unhealthy, unwanted weight once and for all – by THIS summer?!

    Before my knee problems really got out of hand a few years ago, I shaved off 150 pounds strictly with daily walking and by cutting the white starch and sugar carbs from my diet. Now I’m eager to get my mileage back up by summer, because I know much daily walking benefits me.

    And what’s going to keep me on my daily training track is the fact that I’m not getting any younger, and neither are you, so physical stamina is more important than ever. If I’m gonna shave off another 10-20 pounds – I’d better get hoppin’, or walkin’ as the case may be . . .

    Speaking from a lifetime of up close and personal experience in chronic obesity and the “Diet and Fitness Wars,” I do know that no matter what some of the medical and media “experts” say – your weight isn’t budging without a serious daily cardio practice – combined with a good, healthy, effective diet – so you better get busy or you’ll never be Speedo-worthy – ever.

    I’m not saying that you won’t lose at least some weight by dieting, alone, but not nearly enough. The first year of this last diet, I lost only 40 pounds without daily exercise. Nothing to sniff at, I know, but still . . . I desperately needed to lose lots, lots more.

    What I’m saying is once it was pointed out to me that I was “playing at working out,” and once I saw what daily cardio walking did for a friend’s husband who lost the same amount of weight as I did, but in a much shorter time frame, I kicked my walking into high gear making it my top priority every single day. Daily cardio is part of my job. Period. No negotiation. No excuses.

    That’s exactly how I managed to walk over 35,000 miles – that’s one and a third times around the earth at the equator – since January 1, 2003, leaving 150 unhealthy pounds in my wake. And I’m tackling the streets, once again, but this time, I’m giving myself roughly 22 weeks to get my daily cardio walking ramped back up to five to eight miles a day.

    And you don’t have to go out and kill yourself exercising eight hours a day, every day, like you’re on “The Biggest Loser,” either.

    Weight loss and daily cardio aren’t as difficult as they make it look on TV. Trust me on this.

    Plain, old daily fitness walking did it for me – combined with cutting the white starch and sugar carbs from my diet, and a few other crucial keys I outline in my book, Commit To Get Fit – that will help YOU Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss. Each component that I outline in my book, motivational programs and follow-up support seminars continues to help me keep the weight off for over a decade now and hopefully, forever.

    I more than walk the walk and walk the talk. I’m living proof that what I advocate works – long term.

    First say to yourself, “Where do I want to be health and fitness-wise by this summer?” Then Commit To Get Fit – right now – with me and do what you have to do to get there.

    Come June 22nd – you’ll thank me.