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  • Bless me Doctor, for I have sinned. It’s only been three measly days since my left foot reconstruction surgery this past Monday and I’ve already snuck back to East Bank Club to squeeze my daily cardio in – Frank-en-foot-post-surgery boot, Ferrari Red walker and all . . .

    I know you wanted me to “take it easy and dial back on the daily cardio walking for about six weeks after my surgery,” but here’s what you don’t understand about me: That for a chronically obese women (which I consider myself to be even though I’m in remission/recovery and am maintaining my 150 pound weight loss into my tenth year, now.) it could be catastrophic for me to take six whole weeks off my daily cardio routine. Seriously!

    And, Geez, Louise, it took me how many years to make cardio walking my daily lifelong health habit and now you ask me to undo it all by laying off for six weeks?

    I don’t think so . . .

    You know I’m so dang dedicated and disciplined about my daily cardio walking, that as my left foot began to give me pain like I’ve not felt since my right knee wrenched out of the socket in that hideous ski injury that started my physical slide into obesity’s oblivion many years ago, in self-defense, I slit the top of a pair of $135 Brooks Arielle walking shoes just so I could continue to log my hour a day of cardio.



    I figured if I promised to live in that Frank-en-foot boot you gave me 24/7 for the next four weeks and not move a pinky’s muscle in the foot you just spent almost four hours reconstructing – you could overlook a teeny bit of careful daily cardio on my part.

    So, yesterday I did 30 minutes on the Schwinn 2-stage Air-Dyne bike – don’t get excited – I propped the injured foot up on a handy little peg – then I threw in a few strength training exercises and called it a day.

    Today, however, I went for the big enchilada and did a full 60 minutes on the 2-stage bike with a few more strength training activities mixed in to keep my core and butt muscles strong to support me while I haul around what seems like a 50-pound boot on top of hobbling with the walker thing.

    By the time you read this, Doc, I’m sure all will be forgiven, but I just wanted to fess up before things got a bit too far along.

    And I don’t know if it’s me, or what, but it seems that everyone, everywhere I look, is into running, literally. I think after the harshest of winters we could ever imagine here in Chi-Beria, everyone has the fever to take their workouts outdoors.

    While April showers might bring May flowers, the rest of you might wanna get started on your own daily cardio practice to shed some of that winter weight that’s crept on your frame. Here’s how:

    First, Commit To Get Fit – buy my new book so you can Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss – and then:

    Fleet Feet Sports Chicago and Chicago Endurance Sports offer incredible running opportunities for beginners and veteran runners alike. And if you’re like me and don’t run at all, Fleet Feet and CES have a program tailored specifically just for us that will have you and me zipping along the Lakefront in no time at all!

    One program that particularly appeals to me is their No Boundaries Program. “Find Your Inner Athlete” is their slogan and anything that tells me I’m not limited by Boundaries, I’m all for.

    NO Boundaries is a 5K and 10K training series that will change everything for you, health and fitness-wise.

    Here’s what the No Boundaries Program involves:Weekly in person meetings, a daily schedule of what to do on your own cross training program, and how many minutes per day you should devote to your training practice. If you’re already a runner, the No Boundaries Pros will get you to go further faster in no time. And I’m all for that! If you’re gonna do the time, maximize it, I say. Get the most bang for your fitness effort’s buck.

    Then there’s the Mag Mile Half Marathon, which takes place on Labor Day Weekend this year. This race is especially meaningful for me cos for the first six years of my daily walking practice, I trod from my house up North Michigan Avenue to Chanel at Oak Street and back with my two little Italian Greyhound Rescues in tow to get our morning 5-miler in. (My pups know “pee-pee by Chanel” as the half-way point. Wouldn’t Lagerfeld just plotz at that one! And, besides the Mag Mile is one of my very fave shopping streets in all the world.)

    The training for women starts on June 14th & 15th and runs for 12 straight weeks. This could be a viable option for us walk/runners, too.

    Training for the famous Chicago Marathon begins on May 31st and you can get complete info on this and all Fleet Feet and CES’s training programs on either Fleet Feet’s or Chicago Endurance Sports’ websites.

    Be sure to choose a training program that will suit your own needs and pace, one that pushes you a bit with each session.

    And here’s something interesting I’m strongly contemplating in my post foot surgery rehab: Fleet Feet also has a host of Virtual Training Programs that are a little cheaper!

    I’m a big believer in visualization and intend to explore this option while I’m rehabbing from my foot surgery to really ingrain what I need to do training-wise so I’m ready to hit the streets as soon as I get my Doc’s clearance to actually walk-walk outdoors again.

    I refuse to let anything stand in my way when it comes to sustaining and maintaining my 150-pound weight loss and the motivation to improve my daily cardio practice as best as I can, and neither should you.

    While you cannot exercise away a bad diet, you do need to get your butt out there every single day and do something to push yourself and your health and fitness goals along – regardless of your size, weight, and physical condition.

    “You gotta wanna.”

    You gotta start somewhere!

    Whatever suits your needs – do it.

    If I can do it with all my physical issues, you can do it, too.

    Sometimes even the coach needs a coach . . .

    There are No Excuses. Period.

    So, c’mon, Commit To Get Fit and Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss with me and Fleet Feet and Chicago Endurance Sports – before it’s too late!