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    Laura Dion-Jones
    give up on a dream
    because of the time it will take to accomplish it.
    time will pass anyway.”
          Don’t let today’s frigid, first day of spring fool ya – but at
    7:02 AM, Wednesday morning, spring officially arrived.
          Now everyone needs to spring into action and take hold of their
    weight loss and wellness and get into a healthy lifestyle frame of
          Winter’s gloom is almost over and it’s time to get our butts
    outside and do more things in the warmer weather – namely, daily
    cardio walking!
          What’s it gonna take for you to make a Commitment to yourself to
    Get Fit and let me help you find the secret to your own true and
    everlasting weight loss?
          What’s it gonna take for you to schlep your walking shoes to work
    for a nice lunchtime jaunt around the parking lot, forest preserve,
    trail, block, or up and down about 10-20 flights of stairs –
    squeezing in a bit of much-needed daily cardio?
           What else do you do on your lunch hour but blab, waste time and feed
    your face – with the wrong stuff anyway?
           And developing this healthy walking
    habit will also help you alleviate stress along with everything else
    that ails you

    Trust me.

           If your dream is to be svelte or
    Speedo-worthy by summer, what’s standing in your way – but y-o-u?
          Figure out what your roadblock to
    getting fit is and rid yourself of it

    Meditate about it,
    pray about it, but whatever you do – take steps to obliterate that
    obstacle and get your butt moving in a much healthier direction.

    Combine your daily cardio practice
    with a good, healthy, low carb eating plan and watch what happens.
    Your weight will literally melt off like magic, I promise, but you
    gotta wanna – and you have to be dedicated and diligent in your
    efforts – you know you can’t do anything like this half-assed.

    You have to be
    ready to give it your all – and that means you have to make up your
    mind to begin right now, today, right where you are.

    Regardless of what
    food you have in your house and fridge – eliminate everything that
    doesn’t support your new health and fitness eating plan.

    Ditch the oatmeal, cereals, breads,
    pastas, cookies, and cakes. Purge all the rest of those white starch
    and sugar carbs lurking around and get yourself going . . . better to
    give these things to friends who can afford to eat them or throw them
    away – cos if you don’t, you know what you’re doing?
    You’re wearing it all – and it
    shows . . .
    Never give up on your dream to be healthier and more fit just because
    of the time it will take to accomplish it.
           What else do you have to do with yourself?
           The time will pass anyway – whether you’re stuck in your own hot
    mess sitting there on your sofa night after night, wishing you
    weren’t so fat, while watching everyone else Commit To Get Fit –
    or getting your butt out that door and taking your cardio walk today
    and everyday – for the health of it.
            It’s all up to you . . .
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    As with any new diet and fitness plan, be sure to check with your
    physician before you begin.