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  • Ms./Mr. Boudreaux Prays For A Pass in the New Year!

    “A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with – a man is what he makes himself.”

    Alexander Graham Bell


    Ms. Bonnie Boudreaux, or for you guys, Mr. Bubba Boudreaux, was driving down the street all in a sweat because she/he had an important New Year’s Holiday party to attend, absolutely nothing in her/his cramped closet that fit, and was having no luck finding an appropriate outfit that would accommodate her/his ever-burgeoning body.

    Looking up toward Heaven, she/he said, “Lord, take pity on me. If you find me a wonderful outfit that fits me like a glove and makes me look gorgeous, I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of my life (or temple every High Holiday and Shabbat), start walking each and every single day, and give up eating white, starchy, sugary carbs forever.”

    Miraculously, a stunning, well-fitting dress suit appeared in the very next shop she/he went into.

    Then, Ms./Mr. Boudreaux looked Heavenward again and said, “Never mind, Lord. I just found one.”

    How many of us live our lives like this – making deals, praying for a pass, never managing to start that all-important, save-your-life diet until it’s too late?

    We think we’ll always manage to skate by, the whole while staying heavier than we know is right and damaging our heart, organs, limbs, ego, psyche, and the rest of our body by hauling around that weighty, excess poundage. All because we insist on eating the wrong foods, claim we simply cannot give up white starch and sugar carbs, and are just too damn lazy to exercise daily.

    A brand New Year is breathing down your neck as we speak. What are you waiting for, next New Year’s Day? By then, it’ll be too late. Your weight could balloon up another 10, 20 or even 100 pounds between now and then. Why put yourself through that?

    This New Year, try cutting all that carby crap you normally eat in half?! Better yet – cut back your portions to just a whopping-good taste of these things. You’re not gonna die, and as a bonus, you won’t feel over-stuffed and in a carb coma like you usually are at these gatherings.

    Take this as your cue to begin moving in a new, healthier direction for the New Year.

    And, by all means – get everyone up from the Holiday table right after dinner and go for a nice, brisk walk.

    Of course before dessert!

    To hell with the dishes for right now.

    Tell the hostess Laura said so.

    Then, go out and make something of yourself – Commit To Get Fit, Lose It With Laura, and learn how to make yourself into a new, improved, healthier version of you for 2016.

    Happy Holidays, Y’all!