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  • “A leader is a dealer in hope.”

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    ldjThey say you come to Canyon Ranch for one thing and you leave with another, oftentimes it’s something you never dreamed of and maybe even more than you ever bargained for.

    Canyon Ranch is the world’s premier, all-inclusive health and wellness resort and luxury spa. The Ranch’s website says that it’s “More than a vacation, it’s the way you want to feel.”

    And, believe me, they’re not kidding!

    As a Canyon Ranch Health Magazine 2015 Inspiration Award Winner, I was gifted with a magnificent stay at Canyon Ranch plus generous Spa service credits and a whole lot more.

    While I’m trying to not only maintain my physical abilities like balance, endurance and speed, as I age, I aimed to get stronger, lose a few more pounds (still) and have some high adventures like real hiking in the desert, canyons and mountains of Arizona. So, I was eager to soak up everything that I could fit in my already jam-packed schedule.

    The more I discovered at the Ranch, both about myself and the way I live my day-to-day life, the more I knew I had to share my experiences about what I learned from my time there so that you can benefit, too. Cos, just like doing therapy – the real work comes after you leave your therapist’s office. And my real work came after I left Canyon Ranch.

    Once back home, realizing the real challenge ahead of me, I found it a bit difficult to maintain a fitness schedule like I did at the Ranch. I mean, who has the time to take a four-hour hike in the mountains every morning!

    But maybe that’s the point . . . we need to bend the most important health and fitness benefits we learn from others to fit our day-to-day lifestyle – but we also have to bend our lifestyle to fit these new behaviors, as well.

    As the days pass, my task is to figure out how to duplicate my efforts and routines from the Ranch and apply them to my everyday life back here in Chicago.

    I made a vow to get my ass out the door earlier for my daily urban hikes – because I can no longer call them “walks.” I’m now a real, honest-to-gosh, official hiker! Thanks to Canyon Ranch.

    As I make my way around town on my morning treks, I hallucinate that I’m still on one of those wonderful, dusty, rocky, challenging trails back at the Ranch. My downtown Chicago urban setting is so vastly different from what’s out west, its not even funny. Best part about being here in town? No rattlesnakes! Well, not the belly-slithering kind, anyway.

    Just sayin’.

    What’s my biggest takeaway from the Ranch thus far?

    As I shopped for goodies and groceries after I returned home, I laid my hand on some food that maybe I didn’t really need, like a few low carb snack bars – I found myself thinking, “If they didn’t have it at Canyon Ranch, and I didn’t miss it, why do I need it at home?”

    I couldn’t believe what I just heard myself say. And I knew in my heart that this was a crucial key for me to maintain if I wanted to sustain all the health and wellness benefits I gained from being at the Ranch.

    Once you slip right back into your old, familiar routine, and you’re at your same old desk, working out at the same old health club, wasting time at lunch in stead of nurturing yourself with a nice, brisk, fresh-air walk – in short, you’re right back where you started from before you even left.

    When you’re at the Ranch, your norms and daily routines are suspended. Everything is brand new, including the food you eat, the things you do and the order in which you do them. All this gives you a chance to develop new, healthier habits. It’s an opportunity to remake yourself into who, what, and where you want to be, right down to how you want to live and act going forward.

    Canyon Ranch offers some serious, life-improving activities and programs from a world-class staff. It’s strictly up to you what health habits you take home to implement into your daily life.

    Canyon Ranch is the leader in health, fitness, wellness and spa facilities the world over . . . and they deal in hope.

    They say I’m a natural leader – that I give people courage and hope when and where there is none – by proving that positive change is possible and that the rewards are immediate.

    If that’s the case, my Canyon Ranch visit helped me add more knowledge, experience and insight to my own motivation, weight loss and wellness coaching tool kit – all the better to serve you. Let me help you to Commit To Get Fit – and Improve Every Aspect of Your Life!

    To be continued . . .