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  • I attribute my success to this:

    I never gave or took any excuse.

     Florence Nightingale, OM, RRC
    Celebrated English founder of modern nursing

    Why do you still have so many excuses – standing in your way to improved health and fitness through weight loss?

    What excuses do you use that also stand in your way to more business, improved personal success and happiness?

    There are no excuses – for being overweight, for being unhealthy, for being fat, sloppy, or obese – there are no more excuses for not doing anything in life that will push you forward, that will set you free.

    When you waste your precious time trying to decide when and where to walk every day, you will never take that walk.

    You’ll find excuse after excuse after excuse.


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    There are no more excuses. For anything.

    One of the most crucial keys to finding true and everlasting weight loss success is developing the daily cardio habit.

    It takes 35 straight days to make or break a habit. Anything less and you’re spinning your wheels. Making a daily habit means ingraining it in your psyche so it becomes automatic.

    Formulate a plan for when, where and how long you’re going to walk.

    At first, it doesn’t matter how long or how far you go. Developing the daily habit is what you’re after right now.

    Time, distance and speed come with daily practice, as does increased weight loss.

    Write your daily cardio intentions and achievements down in your fitness journal, but be very specific.

    On January 1, 2003, I made a pact with my two mini Italian Greyhound Rescues to start walking one hour a day for 35 straight days. Ten years later, I’ve walked over 35,000 miles leaving 150 pounds in my wake.

    When you say to yourself, “I really wanna lose weight,” ask yourself how much? What diet will you follow? What daily cardio practice can you fit in? When?

    You gotta have a plan. You have to want to achieve better health and fitness through weight loss by following a really good, healthy, low carb diet combined with daily cardio. There is no other way, really.

    Use the “If Not Now, When?” strategy: If I don’t do my cardio at lunch, when will I do it? I owe myself an hour’s walk before I go to bed. Works for me.

    You gotta have a plan.

    A roadmap.

    Now it’s your turn.

    What does your improved health and fitness look like?

    When you don’t know where you’re going – how will you know when you get there?

    Why do you have so many excuses – is the one and only question you need to answer right now to find your true direction for a new, happier, healthier you.

    Afraid of what lies ahead? Ignore the fear. It’s in your own head. Fear is the #1 reason that holds you back.

    Find out why – you’re afraid.

    Ask yourself: Why do I have so many excuses??