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    I live in UA tights year-round. Heat Gear in summer, Cold Gear in winter. I walked 35,000 miles since January 1, 2003 in Under Armor tights, leaving 150 pounds in my wake. The BEST athletic wear and gear on the planet. Period. Nothing more to say.



    A good 90% of the food I ate to lose weight and now eat to keep it all off comes from Costco.

    Walker’s Hats


    Incredibly customizable selection of washable sun-protection hats and visors. I go for the biggest brims. And as one of my favorite former Chicago aldermen once told me, “Go big or go home!”

    Jaw Bone UP


    “Know Yourself, Live Better,” is their slogan. UP™ is like a step counter and your conscience all rolled into one. UP’s a wristband and app system that takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. The wristband racks your movement and sleep in the background. The app displays your data, lets you add things like meals and mood, and delivers insights that keep you moving forward. UP then helps you use that information to work toward feeling your best. A few of my guy pals swear by this neat little wristband and app system to help keep them on track. If I were just beginning my weight loss and wellness quest today, I’d race to get one of these babies. You should, too.

    Digital Step Counter


    Accurate. Long-lasting. I logged almost every one of my 35,000 walking miles wearing one of these. Back in 2002 it was just about the only one on the market that was highly accurate and built to last. I’ve given them as gifts and incentives to people I coach. Gift yourself with one.

    Your Walking and Athletic Shoe Needs


    If you have a consistent favorite brand and model of athletic shoe, Holabird Sports has it for the best price. The same goes for all racquet sport items. The two and three-day shipping is free and they offer free returns for many items. How can you beat that? I just reorder a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline or Ariels every three months when I’m logging forty-five to fifty miles a week on average (You know I have shoe issues.). And please do tell them and their marketing director, Doug Crusse, that Laura Dion-Jones sent you.

    Moji, the Smart Icing Alternative


    High performance recovery for your sore knees, Moji’s products make icing more effective and comfortable by providing targeted cooling and full mobility. Moji’s Cold Compression System—the most advanced cold

    therapy technology on the market—allows you to walk around while you ice. Just strap on the cold-cell knee wrap (made of high performance stretch fabric) and away you go. Moji also makes an incredible wrap for your back as well as a Thermos-like canister for traveling. Those of you who know me and my chronic spine, leg, and knee pain issues know I live with ice packs on most of the time. Moji’s the bomb, and you can keep the packs on until they’re not cold anymore. None of this so many minutes on and so many minutes off stuff, and there’s no danger of frostbite with Moji ice packs. Visit their website for more expert icing, recovery, and

    training tips. Great website. Fabulous product. Designed by a female orthopedic surgeon—wouldn’t you know it?

    The Sole of Performance


    A moldable performance shoe footbed insert providing personalized fit and spectacular comfort. The next best thing to a custom-made orthotic— which I have lived in for half my life, so trust me. This one’s much more cost effective in our current economy if you don’t have any really special, horrid, physical issues with your back, legs, and feet. Follow the directions for heating them in your oven and customize by putting in your shoes and standing on them for a few minutes till they cool and mold to your feet.

    Wildmind Buddhist Meditation


    Absolutely excellent beginner’s Buddhist Breathing Meditation. A great way to start meditating. You can even do it where you’re sitting right now—at your desk. It’s not recommended to listen or practice meditation  while driving. Try this one only at home.

    Shapewear and Intimate Apparel


    Just what it sounds like: Lipo in a Box. “We make you look good with your clothes on.” How can you go wrong with a motto like that? Tell the owner/founder Connie Elder that Laura Dion-Jones sent you. Her

    shapewear is the bomb and beats out that other S-word one: Spanx. www.maidenform.com Try their line of Fat Free Dressing® compression garments.

    Canine Custom Performance Clothing and Accessories


    “Think Nike meets Donna Karan, but for canines. True environmental protection wear with a Chanel twist.” (Regardless of what Jay Leno says.) Guaranteed to keep your pooch warm, dry, cool, and comfy while walking with you, no matter what the weather.

    Woodway Treadmills


    Woodway Treadmills save my back, knees, legs, hips, feet, ankles, and, above all, my spine, from the constant repetitive motion of other treadmills. CRM is deadly to any of us with special structural needs. So this is the one and only treadmill I will even consider using indoors. Thankfully for me, out of the 450 pieces of various state-of-the-art equipment in the cavernous cardio room at Chicago’s East Bank Club, there are about eight of these beauties. Here’s hoping they get more.

    Rowing Machine


    If I had the room in my house and needed to have an incredible fat-burning machine, this would be the one. Check into their refurbished models, if you’re so inclined. All my doctors tell me that this is the most overlooked but most important piece of cardio equipment in the club because it works practically every

    muscle in your entire body—and that’s a really good thing. If you’re putting in the time, why not move all your limbs at once, instead of just half of them?

    Schwinn Airdyne


    Another terrific non-weight-bearing cardio machine guaranteed to keep you sweatin’ to the oldies while all four limbs move in time to your tunes.

    NuStep Recumbent Climber


    Have a hankering to climb Mt. Everest or just shed some unhealthy, unwanted weight? Start right here. The NuStep is a recumbent climber that works all four limbs at once. By regulating the intensity of the resistance

    from one to ten, this baby will kick butt in no time. Don’t let the “old lady rehab machine” connotation fool you. I’ve seen grown men cry, or maybe it was just sweat rolling down their cheeks, when working at a level ten. Start slow. Steady as you go. You’ll get there. Everest can’t be climbed in a day, either.

    Dance Your Way to Better Health

    My two Dance Mavens who help me achieve better balance, movement, flexibility and clarity through dance. I could not live without them. What more could you ask for – extra cardio disguised as dance!

    Tommye Giacchino

    US & World Champion Ballroom Dancer




    Lisa “La Boriqua”

    Founder, Latin Street Dancing

    President & Director, Latin Street Dance Academy

    Latin Dance Visionary

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