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    A highly sought after presenter, Laura is a healthy, positive, genuine role model who walks the walk and walks the talk. She clearly and easily communicates healthy lifestyle practices and behavior modification to individuals and corporate clients alike.

    She’s also a master at tailoring her approach on health and wellness to the needs of the audience. A dynamic and engaging speaker, she communicates with participants in an easy, down-to-earth style that sticks with attendees long after her motivational weight loss and wellness program is over.

    Laura’s excellent interpersonal skills and her ability to work easily in a team environment enable her to truly motivate people to Commit To Get Fit. She helps each participant find his or her own secret to true and everlasting weight loss.

    Whether your event is a trade show, a convention or an industry or social organization, Laura will customize her presentation to fit your specific needs. In Laura’s Keynotes, she also provides workshops or individual and interactive break out sessions. Her motivational ideas and educational materials arm the participants with information where they can bring about a call to action to improve their lives, inside and out.

    What can participants expect from Laura’s keynotes?

    Keynotes are customized for the particular audience. But Laura’s forte is motivational weight loss and wellness, improved personal appearance, increase self-esteem and stress reduction. She places a strong emphasis on improving participants’ overall health, fitness and, ultimately, their productivity on the job, as well as a better, happier home life. The whole kit and caboodle!