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  • “Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it.

    I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something

    sitting down.”


    Charles F. Kettering

    (1876-1958, American Engineer, Inventor)


    lazyAnd I’ve never heard of anyone losing weight and getting more healthy and fit by just sitting down waiting for diet alone to do the work for them.

    With all the buzz in the news about politics and change for our Nation, isn’t it time you started some positive change within your self right now?

    Spring is here in Chicago, well, sort of, and it’s about two to three months till Speedo season – just enough time to turn walking into your daily cardio of choice and build that into a healthy, lifelong habit.

    If you start today and know that no matter how small your goal is at first – that within 35 straight days you’ll be cardio walking daily – for at least one hour a day. Seriously. Start right where you are and do as much as you can without hurting yourself. Go at your own pace – but no lollygag, either. The idea is to work up a bit of a sweat.

    If some of you can only walk 15-20 minutes a day for the first few days – do that and be proud. Slowly increase your time and distance a little bit each day – working up to an hour a day. That’s your ultimate goal. And by all means, if you can do more – do it!

    Others out there like me, who tend to bite off the whole enchilada all at once – get out there and log at least an hour a day right off the bat. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

    Combine your daily walking with a good, effective low carb diet and your weight will be down significantly by the time summer hits. And you’ll be well on your way to a longer, healthier, happier, less encumbered life. Not to mention Speedo-worthy by the 4th of July!

    How is that old Speedo of yours fittin’ these days, anyway??

    When you find yourself waffling, just keep on going, one foot in front of the other – walking daily, cos you sure as hell aren’t gonna stumble on improved health and fitness by sitting down.

    How is YOUR current health and fitness plan serving YOU?