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  • If You’re Smart, You’ll Eat Low Carb – Not Low Fat!junk-food-vs-healthy-food

    How many times in a day do we hear the words “eating healthy?”

    It’s big buzz everywhere you turn – all over the news, on TV and the radio, in newspapers, magazines and from the mouths of your friends, family and co-workers . . .

    How ‘bout this one: “I’m ‘eating healthy’ now – not to lose weight!”

    Is this a big bag of BS, or what? Especially when this someone desperately needs to lose about 100 pounds, at least, and be on a serious low carb diet combined with daily cardio – which they really, in their heart of hearts, do not want to do.

    Everyone says they want true and everlasting weight loss – yet they’re not willing to put in the time, the energy and the effort to give up all the carby-crap foods they eat that keep them fat.


    Think about this: You’re female, 5’ 2” tall and weigh northwards of 250 pounds (that you’ll even admit to), and you have the audacity to tell me that you’re “eating healthy” and not to lose weight?

    Are you crazy, stupid or just in major denial?

    And if you’re not eating to lose your unhealthy, unwanted weight once and for all – WTF are you doing?

    What exactly does “healthy eating” mean to you?

    Let’s hear it, folks, I’m all ears – cos we all have our own ideas about what “healthy eating” really is, and yet our country’s obesity epidemic is growing by leaps, bounds and incredible, unhealthy excess pounds . . .


    What exactly does “healthy eating” mean to you?