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  • blueTread lightly kids, low sugar doesn’t necessarily mean low carb and a lot of these “healthy” breakfast smoothies contain ingredients that are too high-glycemic if you’re trying to lose and maintain your weight with a low carb lifestyle . . . like bananas, for one.

    I don’t ever do bananas, and neither should you. They’re way too high-glycemic. Since you wear everything you eat, why risk retarding your weight loss just because someone tells you it’s “healthy eating.”

    And the one problem I have with Breakfast Protein Smoothies is that my brain thinks ALL shakes and smoothies are milk shakes and a definite trigger food for me. No matter how full and fabulous smoothies make me feel, all I want to do after I finish drinking one is chew. My brain says, “Well, that was fabulous, now where’s our food?!”

    But, each to his own, as they say. If smoothies and shakes work for you to keep hunger at bay, by all means have at them. Me, I gotta chew and save the smoothies for a nighttime snack.

    Rather than list the smoothies here one by one telling you what ingredients to leave out of each – suffice it to say, ditch the bananas and also the Splenda as a sweetener because it’s a neurotoxin. Use Stevia instead for all your sweetening needs.

    The Post Workout Green Smoothie touts “avocado, banana and apple as nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that provide the perfect amount of sweetness, healthy fats, energy and vitamins.” Maybe so, but again, ditch the banana because of the glycemic index. Avocadoes are terrific on a low carb diet. And I wouldn’t eat more than a very few apples a week while you’re losing on a low carb lifestyle. Stick to the berries, cantaloupe and honeydew melons for lower glycemic fruit. BTW, pineapple, watermelon and oranges are glycemic-poison fruit for you, too.

    Eat it. Wear it.

    Bottom line: before you make any recipe, compute the carb count. In the end, it’s not worth derailing your diet in the name of “eating healthy” when clearly you’re not. If it’s too high in carbs – it’s not “healthy eating” for you.


    PS: I especially like #13: Blueberry Smoothie – touted as “the smoothie to end all sugar cravings” and it just might be!