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  • Holiday Healthy Eating Survival Tip #11: 

         Stay away from alcohol.
    Most might be low carb, but the overproduction of insulin is what’s making you
    fat and alcohol is sure to spike your insulin and mess with your metabolism,
    trust me. If you must indulge, make your wine a weak spritzer instead of
         When I was fat, I was a notorious eggnog freak. I could drink my
    body weight in the stuff. Now, it’s totally out of the question.
         Eggnog, or any nog for that matter, is loaded with sugar. So
    what if it’s low fat? I never counted a fat gram or calorie to lose any of my
    150 pounds, nor to keep them off – ever. I only count white starch and sugar
    carbs, and control portions, period.
         Remember: “low fat” isn’t
    low carb.
    And if you struggle with one diet after another, I venture to say
    you’re highly insulin resistant and carb sensitive, like me. It’s not food fat
    that makes you fat – it’s the carbs.
    create overproduction of insulin. Insulin is the fat hormone. Too much insulin
    keeps you fat. Not dietary fat. Ask Dr. Mark Stolar (NW Internists, Ltd.) or
    another good endocrinologist who understands and believes in the healthy, low
    carb way of life. They’ll set you straight.

    you’re absolutely dying for something that’s one of your all-time traditional
    favorite foods, especially at cocktail time, use the tried-and-true, “Taste and Toss” technique: take a big
    bite and covertly slip the rest in the garbage. We don’t want to hurt the
    hostess’ feelings, but we certainly don’t want those nasty carbs clinging to
    our faces, butts, and other body parts, either.

    I’m sharing some of my personal favorite, tried-and-true, Healthy, Holiday Eating Survival Tips over the next 11 days, all the way to Christmas day! 

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