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  • Holiday Healthy Eating Survival Tip # 10

    offer to bring something to the party
    so you can control what you eat. If
    you’re eating low carb, bring your favorite low carb dish or dishes. Leave
    nothing to chance.

         Ask for a
    small plate and fork,
    if only cocktail napkins are visible. Skip the
    scoopers and other chips that dip – they’re too high in white, starchy carbs.

         A friend of mine usually only provides napkins with her
    appetizers, no plates and forks, so I always ask for a small plate.
    Respectfully, I heap it up with all the low carb dips and goodies offered –
    because it’s the chips and scoopers that are usually the high carb culprits –
    then I eat all the low carb goop with a fork – tossing in some celery, broccoli
    and cauliflower for crunch. Believe me, your brain really won’t know the
    difference and you will NOT suffer. And you will not gain weight!

    sharing some of my personal favorite, tried-and-true, Healthy, Holiday Eating
    Survival Tips over the next 10 days, all the way to Christmas day!

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