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  • Holiday Eating Survival Tip #8:

    At THE BIG DINNER – go easy and stop at one heaping spoonful of the carboy stuff. And if it’s your very favorite – well, take two, but that’s it. No second platefuls! One stacked should do ya. It has to.

    And eat slowly. Savor it. Enjoy it.

    That said, I’d seriously think about what I can’t live without – like Aunt Tillie’s garlic smashed potatoes or Gramma’s corn bread stuffing, and adjust your portions accordingly.

    For me, personally, it’s sweet potato casserole in any form as long as it’s swimming in butter and sumptuous sweetness.

    And the desserts.

    To help you to Commit To Get Fit, I’m sharing some of my personal favorite, tried-and-true, Healthy, Holiday Eating Survival Tips over the next 10 days, all the way to Christmas day!