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  • Holiday Eating Survival Tip #6:

    Think before you eat it. Do I really need all those white starchy, sugary carbs? Remember, they’re poison for a person who is highly carb-sensitive and needs to lose weight.

    If you are over weight, and struggle with one diet after another – that’s probably you.

    For us food junkies, sadly, our addiction’s written all over our faces and bodies, unlike alcoholics and drug addicts – who have a much easier time hiding their habit.

    I hope you enjoy reading another one of my personal favorite, tried-and-true, Healthy, Holiday Eating Survival Tips over the next few days, all the way to Christmas day!

    For your copy of Holiday Healthy Eating Survival Tips: A Comprehensive Guide Guaranteed to Keep Weight Off Through Every Holiday, Birthday and Beyond By Laura Dion-Jones go to www.commit-fit.com and sign up for my motivational emails. Motivation when and where you need it most . . .