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    A health risk assessment (HRA) questionnaire provides an overall evaluation of an individual’s well-being.

    Offering a HRA to your employees is one of the first steps toward building a successful corporate wellness program. It gets them motivated to actually want to Commit To Get Fit and participate in improving their health.

    When taken across a population, a health risk assessment can identify common risk factors like obesity, stress, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Having this information will help shape the direction of a wellness program.

    Based on the results of the HRA and the needs of the individual, employee and employer, Laura selects from a variety of topics such as:

    • Picking the diet that’s right for you
    • Eating habits
    • Readiness to change
    • Physical activity:
      1. What are the benefits of daily cardio?
      2. Are you/your employees getting enough daily cardio?
      3. What is enough?
    • Alcohol and tobacco use
    • Social health
    • Stress and mental health
    • An executive summary recommendation for further program development and prevention