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    and perseverance have a magical effect

    which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

    Quincy Adams


    It takes patience
    and perseverance to accomplish anything in life, unless you’re a
    fortunate member of the “Lucky Sperm Club,” then opportunities
    just seem to fall into your lap.

    Here’s a little
    year end reminder that no matter who you are, you need to develop
    patience and perseverance when it comes to Committing
    To Get Fit
    and losing your unhealthy,
    unwanted weight once and for all. There are no quick fixes and I
    think we all know this by now.

    health and fitness are no accident.

    You must learn to
    develop these virtues and diet and fitness habits every single day,
    and they will serve you well in whatever you do – especially in
    your weight loss and wellness program.

    morning take a few moments to think about what you’re going to do
    that day and what you’re going to eat and how and where you’re
    going to squeeze in your hour’s walk, weight training or other
    cardio exercise.

    this every single morning when you meditate. Or, you can do it in
    your own way, but just get those thoughts rolling ‘round in your
    head first thing each morning. This is one habit that will richly
    reward you in every aspect of your life.

    you can make a New Year’s resolution on any day of the year you
    want and need to – not only on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s

    in case you slip . . . every single day is New Year’s Day if you
    want it to be.

    and perseverance do have incredibly magical effects

    before which
    difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.

    your excess weight vanish, and your diet obstacles and difficulties
    disappear by including patience and perseverance in your New Year’s
    fitness resolutions for the coming year.

    health and wellness success are no accident.

    join me in one of my Commit To Get Fit
    motivational weight loss seminars – dates, times and locations to
    be announced on my website and in my new blog as well as via email.

    Healthy and Happy New Year to you and yours.

    ya on my new www.commit-fit.blogspot.com
    next week for more terrific motivational weight loss and wellness
    tips and info to keep you motivated into 2013 and beyond . . .


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    Our favorite on line venue, Elgin’s BocaJump Blog is being put to
    bed for a little while. Going forward, I’ll be blogging on my own
    site till further notice, so please join us at

    please go to my new website
    to sign up and get your own free download of “Healthy Eating
    Survival Tips.” It’s more comprehensive than any list I’ve ever
    sent you before, so go there, print it out and share it with all your
    family and friends.


    * If you know of
    any corporation, organization, company, group or individuals that are
    interested in having me come and present my “Commit To Get Fit”
    motivational weight loss and wellness programs in the beginning of
    2013, I will put on a highly effective presentation tailored
    specifically for you. Contact info below:


    * Laura Dion-Jones
    is a Pro-Health Activist, Certified
    Corporate Wellness Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, Radio Show Host,
    motivational & lifestyle writer & speaker.


    * Through Laura’s
    highly successful Commit To Get Fit/Elgin’s Biggest Loser
    motivational weight loss and wellness program, Laura
    helped motivate over 182 Elgin area residents to lose 1800 pounds in
    a little over 18 months.

    hoping you’ll be next.


    * Laura is
    available for speaking engagements, individual coaching, and
    corporate wellness programs.

    for further details.


    Laura’s New
    Blog: www.commit-fit.blogspot.com

    And don’t forget
    the pups: Snob Hounds Canine Couture: www.snobhounds.com


    * As with any new
    diet and fitness plan, be sure to check with your physician before
    you begin.