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  • Think before you eat it –
    cos if you don’t, you’ll be wearing it by next week.

    Laura Dion-Jones
    Pro-Health Activist, CCWC, CWC, TV & Radio Show Host,
    Motivational weight loss and lifestyle advice writer, speaker, author

    Memorial Day signals the unofficial beginning of summer and you know what that means – parties, picnics, festivals, graduations, weddings, you name it – we celebrate with copious amounts of food and drink – and this time of year’s no exception.

    If you’re still struggling with your weight, and who isn’t, you’re gonna wanna stick to your diet as best you can this holiday weekend. And if you’re not struggling – you’re surely going to want to maintain what you’ve lost . . . right?

    I’m not telling you not to have fun, but fun doesn’t always have to revolve around eating yourself sick. Does it?

    Celebrate Memorial Day this year by “eating low carb healthier” and moving more – stay away from all the white starch and sugar carbs that make you fat. And get that daily hour of cardio in, regardless. You know the drill by now . . . cos if you don’t, please be sure to visit my website and blog, sign up for my terrifically motivational newsletter, and buy my new book, Commit To Get Fit: Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss – so you, too, can Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss – once and for all. You’ll be so glad you did!


    Politely pass on the potato salad and Aunt Billie’s baked beans. Skip the bread, buns, rolls and chips – you know, those sugar-spiking empty carbs we all love – but are so bad for us.


    Eat your main protein with a fork and knife, skipping the usual white stuff.  Instead, add in tons of green salad – saving your extra carb count for more important fare like all those unbelievably scrumptious, home-made-with-love, divinely decadent desserts.


    And beware of high glycemic fruits and veggies, while you’re at it. Watermelon, pineapple, potatoes, corn (yes, on the cob), and the like, because they sabotage your diet especially if you struggle with your weight and are highly carb sensitive – like I am.

    “Eating healthy,” means a whole different thing to you and I than it does to someone on Weight Watchers, calorie counting or any other diet.

    Be sure to get your butt up and move this Memorial Day weekend. Take extra walks with your family, friends and the dogs. Toss some horseshoes, beanbags and Bocce balls. Keep moving as much as you can.

    The more you move, the less you’ll overeat. Trust me.

    Learn from those who have gone before you and had terrific weight loss and wellness success: you have to be determined to stick to your new, healthier eating and fitness plan, no matter what.

    Otherwise, you’ll quickly backslide, your weight will escalate, and the scale will reflect it – all over your face, belly, butt, thighs and hips . . .

    Aren’t you sick of living on this yo-yo yet?

    Eat and move like your life depends on it – cos it really does.

    Always think before you eat it –cos come next week, you’ll be real glad you’re not wearing everything you ate over the holiday weekend!