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  • By
    Laura Dion-Jones
    You wear what you eat.
    Far too many
    people think a gastric by-pass or lap-band procedure will do the
    trick for them – weight loss-wise – without any further effort on
    their part. They think the procedure will be just the paranormal
    pill, the magic bullet they’re looking for.
    I’m here to
    tell you – it is not.
    All my medical
    experts tell me that 80% of gastric by-pass/lap-band procedures fail
    . . . and some doctors admit that only 1/3rd are
    successful, while 1/3rd are slightly so, and the last
    1/3rd fail to work at all.
    While I’m
    super-proud of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s effort to finally lose weight, he really
    didn’t need to choose anything as drastic as the gastric lap-band
    procedure. He could’ve tried to break his obviously over-powering
    white starch and sugar carb addiction with a low carb Atkins
    lifestyle eating plan and daily cardio – cos that’s exactly what he’s
    still going to have to do in the long run to lose weight: pick the
    diet and daily cardio that work best for him and follow them for the
    rest of his life.
    My dear friend,
    Georgann, doesn’t want to do daily cardio nor follow a diet either.
    She wants to use the lap-band so that she’ll eat less.
    But Georg’s
    problem, and I’ll venture to say Governor Christie’s problem,
    too, isn’t so much the quantity of food that they consume – it’s
    what TYPE of food they’re actually eating. And I’ll just bet you my
    butt that s/he’s gonna override the band and eat her/his daily
    allotment of food in candy, sweets and the rest of the carb-y crap
    that got them into trouble with their weight and fitness in the first
    Some people
    absolutely refuse to do what it takes to break their carb
    addiction – no matter how much proof you provide them with –
    showing them that the carbs are exactly what’s making them, and
    keeping them fat.
    If Georg and
    Governor Christie cut the white starch and sugar carbs to 35 gr. a
    day, combined with an hour of daily cardio – they would lose ALL their
    unhealthy weight by the end of this year.  But sadly, some want
    the lap-band to do it for them.
    Like a lot of
    others who succumb to the stomach-altering surgery, my good friend is
    hoping that the “Magic Band” will do it all for her.
    Sure, the
    procedure will prohibit her from eating mass quantities of food –
    but it will NOT teach her what to eat so that her weight will come
    off and stay off for good. And a small potato, a palm-size portion of
    protein and a dainty dab of veggies do not do it for me. I’m used
    to eating almost exactly what I want on my low carb lifestyle, and
    still losing weight.
    Like everything
    else that’s too good to be true – the downside of the gastric
    lap-band procedure is if you don’t stick to the post-surgery diet
    like you’re supposed to – you’ll be running to the bathroom
    after eating the wrong food, puking your guts out – and worse. (Ask
    your lap-band Doc about “dumping syndrome.”)
    Saying that you really have to change
    your mind-set about your new way of eating is a total understatement.
    Especially since in the end – it all falls right back in your lap
    anyway. So why, I wonder, bother with the surgery at all?
    True and
    everlasting weight loss success can only be accomplished with a good,
    effective diet and daily cardio. Period. And Governor Christie and
    Georgann are about to find out . . .
    Losing weight
    has a lot to do with willpower and everything to do with breaking a
    person’s horrid addiction to white starch and sugar carbs. Break
    that addiction, and your weight will literally fall off your bones if
    you combine it with daily cardio . . . Trust me. I’m living proof –
    and so are thousands of other people across our chronically obese
    I can show
    anyone how to lose weight the natural, low carb way – just like I
    did, shedding 150 pounds, now keeping them off for nine years.
    You just really gotta wanna.
    And, the lap-band is just another diet.
    Georg recently told me that her weight
    is down another few pounds from eating an Atkins low carb diet, that
    she really likes it, but just cannot seem to stick to ANY diet right
    now. She failed to break her carb addiction, so what does she expect?
    Her Doc will be putting her on the “special” lap-band eating plan for 3-6 months before surgery so she can see firsthand what eating will be like for the rest of her life.
    The problem is, if G goes on the
    lap-band diet for the next 3-6 months before surgery – it’s just
    another dang diet – that she will not be able to stick to – cos
    she’ll still be addicted to those white starch and sugar carbs!
    And, if I were G and the Gov., I’d
    cut my carbs down to no more than 35 gr. a day, squeeze in a few
    flights of stairs at work whenever they can, and do whatever it takes
    to break their carb addiction.
    Regardless of what weight loss method
    you’re gonna use, you have to make sure you don’t pack on even
    more pounds between now & your surgery. You cannot eat with
    abandon thinking, “What the hell, I’m getting the lap-band in a
    few weeks so what’s the diff?
    The diff is that the lap band is NOT
    gonna do it for you. The diff is, in the end, it all comes back down
    to y-o-u. Period.
    So, suck it up, do what it takes to
    kick the carb addiction, cos carbs and a lack of daily cardio are
    really what make you fat!
    You wear what you eat, no question.
    # # #
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