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    This is the FREE version of the widely popular iOS and Android app Fitness Buddy and contains over 400+ exercises with detailed descriptions, animations and an assortment of workouts. The FREE version already contains more content and features than all the other paid apps out there.

    Find out why gym goers are switching over to Fitness Buddy! With 1700+ unique exercises at your disposal, Fitness Buddy will revolutionize your training regimen. With this app, you will find the workout tracking process simple and easy in order to sustain your motivation and enforce your commitment to your fitness goals.

    – 1700+ unique exercises!
    – 1000+ HD videos
    – Comprehensive exercises for all major equipments including barbell, ez curl bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine ball, machines, and stability balls

    – Exercise categorization (core, lower body, chest, shoulders, back, arms, cardio)
    – 4000+ exercise photos and animations (retina display resolution)
    – Detailed exercise instructions and muscle categorizations
    – Capabilities to add your own custom exercises and favorite exercises

    User-friendly interface
    – Quick and simple workout tracking
    – Search bar to quickly find your favorite exercises

    75+ workout routines
    – Diverse repertoire of exercise routines including workouts for women
    – Routines specific to your goals (build big chest, tone butt, lose weight, and more!)
    – Routines specific to your equipment (resistance bands, kettlebells, bodyweight only, etc)
    – Build your own workout routines

    Body metrics tracking
    – Track your body weight and metrics (chest, arms, thighs, etc)
    – Graph your body progress

    Excellent Support
    – Quick email responses
    – Frequent updates

    You can upgrade to Fitness Buddy Premium for unlimited access to Premium Programs and Playpen Freeplay workouts, HD videos, dynamic and motivational audio, workout email summaries with tips and advice on healthy living, priority support, and more for $4.99/month or $49.99/year through renewable iTunes subscription.