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    *Laura does not receive any compensation from the following list.  She uses each of these brands and believes in their products.


    Athletic and lifestyle wear
    I live in UA tights the year-round. Heat Gear in summer, Cold Gear in winter.

    A good 90% of the food I ate to lose weight and now to keep it off came from COSTCO.

    Walker’s Hats
    Incredibly customizable selection of sun protection hats and visors. I go for the biggest brims. And as one of my favorite former Chicago Aldermen once told me: “Go Big or go home!”

    Digital Step Counter
    The one and only. Accurate. Long-lasting. Tell ‘em I sent you.

    For All Your Walking and Athletic Shoe Needs
    If you have a consistent, favorite brand of athletic shoe and know your exact size, this place has it for less than anywhere else – and the shipping’s free, so how can you beat that. Helps to know your exact size, they kind of discourage returns, but they take them. You just have to pay the return UPS. Understandable, given their prices. I don’t complain. I just reorder a new pair of Brooks Ariel’s every three months – when I’m logging 45-50 miles a week on average. (I have shoe issues that affect my spine, pelvis, hips, new knees, and all the rest.)

    Moji – the smart icing alternative
    Man, does this product save me. High performance recovery for your sore knees, Moji’s products make icing more effective and comfortable by providing targeted cooling and full mobility. Moji’s Cold Compression System – the most advanced cold therapy technology on the market, allows you to walk while you ice. Just strap the cold-cell knee wrap on, made of high performance stretch fabric, and away you go. Moji also makes an incredible wrap for your back as well as a keep-cold, Thermos-like canister for traveling. Those of you who know me and my chronic spine, leg and knee pain issues know I usually live with ice packs on. Moji’s the bomb. Visit their website for more expert icing, recovery and training tips. Great website. Fabulous product. Tell ‘em I sent you.

    The Sole of Performance
    A moldable performance shoe foot bed insert providing personalized fit and spectacular comfort. These are the next best thing to a custom-made orthotic – which I have lived in for half my life. This one’s much more cost effective in our current economy if you don’t have any real special, physical issues with your feet.

    Wildmind Buddhist Meditation
    Excellent beginner’s Buddhist Breathing Meditation. A wonderful way to begin meditating.

    Shape Wear and Intimate Apparel
    Their “Fat Free Dressing” items are incredible and hold all those “giggly bits” in place giving you much better support and taking off about 5-10 pounds, visually, I swear!

    Lipo In A Box
    More terrific products for taming that schmutz we’re all left with after a tremendous weight loss, or just, you know, when you need a bit of control.

    Canine Performance Clothing and Accessories
    Think Nike meets Donna Karan, but for canines. True environmental protection wear with a Chanel twist. (No matter what Jay Leno says.) I could not have walked the miles I consistently log without my dogs’ companionship, help and support. These little critters kept me going day after day even when I didn’t feel like it. They became conditioned to walk all those miles right along with me and now crave it actually more than I do! If you don’t have a dog, borrow one to help you get into the swing of daily cardio. And by all means, dress ‘em I Snob Hounds canine true environmental protection wear.