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  • I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Karyn Calabrese several times on my cable TV and radio shows.

    Internationally known, Karyn is the preeminent Vegan and Raw Food expert in the country. She became a good friend ever since we first met and is someone I look up to for her work within the vegetarian, vegan and raw food communities.

    I’d like to share my cable TV interview with Karyn because I ate what is known as “vegan raw live” for about six months and loved it.

    I didn’t lose any weight on that diet, however, but I felt fabulous. I maintain that if one overproduces insulin like I, and most chronically overweight people do, no matter how complex the carb, our pancreas just can’t distinguish the difference. I explain this in my book, Commit To Get Fit, but for right now, that’s another article . . .