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  • “Success is how far you bounce after you hit bottom.”

     General George S. Patton


    Dear Laura:

    I recently fell off my diet and fitness wagon and I’m back at 159 lbs!

    I started following your advice about a year ago when I was at 162 lbs and went down to 139 lbs, but now I’m up again.

    I never really allowed myself to reach my goal of 125-130, which would be wonderful
    for my petite height.

    I think my hormones are playing a big part. I started pre-menopause (Keep it a secret, it
    makes me feel like I’m entering middle age!).

    I had lost my weight and maintained it on The South Beach Diet, but didn’t stick to it all during the week, like you advise. I failed to make it my lifestyle.

    Now look . . .

    Do you think I should go back to that diet?

    I need your wise words of motivation and advice.


    Dear D:

    If you’re lookin’ for the “Easy Button” of diet, health and fitness plans – there ain’t one.

    My biggest words of advice: Get back on that low carb diet ASA you can!

    Cut the dang white starch and sugar carbs!!!

    And squeeze in that hour of cardio every single day – no matter what the “experts” say. A good, healthy, effective diet, your lifestyle eating plan and daily cardio go hand in hand. Period. Anything less than an hour a day – and you’re just spinning your wheels.

    You know what works for you from your last dieting attempt with The South Beach Diet. Low carb.

    You had tremendous success with it.
    Why not try it again?

    Sooner or later, you’re gonna get sick of the yo-yo and just do what it takes to get your weight off and keep it off – once and for all.

    Get your SB diet book out and reread the quick start and begin again
    – right now – for your very next meal.


    Either you’re gonna do it, or you’re not.

    Either you’re gonna Commit To Get Fit or you’re not . . .

    And for some of you, all those yummy desserts you bake for your co-workers’ applause are your biggest downfall. The bananas you use in your award-winning b-bread are poison for a low carb diet – and to anyone that overproduces insulin – like you, like me. And I know you eat those dang ‘naners cos you’re always lovingly talking about them!

    You forgot what worked for you in the first place was cutting the carbs.

    And daily cardio.

    Carbs are your enemy.

    Insulin’s the “fat hormone,” not dietary fat.

    Reread my book Commit To Get Fit: Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss, for even more motivational magic.

    Then begin again.

    Do some serious soul searching to see where you’re really going wrong with your eating, and no fair blaming it on hormones. Or a “disease.” Don’t get me started here.

    It’s your carb consumption, Girlfriend, pure and simple.

    And lack of daily cardio. So get back into it, no excuses. Start walking again. Spring’s here! Trust me on this.

    All I can tell you is: I’m maintaining my weight into my 10th year because I follow my own best advice.

    There is no going back to fat, no falling off that wellness wagon for me – and right now, you’re being dragged behind it!

    There’s no food on earth that’s worth a weight loss backslide.

    You know better especially once you’ve tasted weight loss success.

    You have to make that diet – whichever one works the BEST for you – your forever eating lifestyle. Period. There is no other way.

    You gotta wanna do it. I can’t come do it for you.

    You know my number. Call me if you’re really in trouble.

    I’m always here for you.

    Hugs and best,