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  • By
    Laura Dion-Jones
    “Work spares us from
    three evils;
    Boredom, vice, and need.”
         As you’re getting ready for a big
    eatin’ weekend to celebrate the unofficial end of summer – be
    sure to get your hour of daily cardio in – regardless.
         There are no more excuses for
    continuing to stay overweight, unhealthy – and at risk.

         Take a long look at
    yourself in the mirror . . . right smack, straight in your eye. You
    know exactly what you need to do to finally Commit To Get Fit – and
    Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss – once
    and for all. Call me . . .

         Meanwhile, just know that you cannot
    exercise away a bad diet, and daily cardio certainly helps keep a
    handle on things – especially where over eating’s involved.

    3 Aces Chicago, Ace Burger – BEFORE
    3 Aces Chicago, Ace Burger – After!

    Laura’s Low Carb Holiday Eating
    Survival Tip #1:

         Eat the burger, not
    the bun and don’t even think about eating all the fries,
    either – even at 3 Aces Chicago where they’re at their hand-cut,
    homemade catsup best!! Practice this and you’ll be Golden come
    Tuesday morning when you step on that scale the day after your Labor
    Day weekend binge. Cos you just KNOW you’re gonna do it, regardless
    of what I say.

         Remember: You wear
    everything you eat . . . just ditch the dang bun, unless you want
    your butt lookin’ like a big, giant pretzel roll! It’s your ass .
    . .
         Also, a good dose of daily cardio
    curbs your cravings so you’ll overeat less carb-laden crap at this
    weekend’s festivities.

         A minimum of an
    hour of daily cardio combined with a healthy, effective low carb diet
    spares you from the evils of a lifetime of chronic obesity – and

         Just sayin’.

         How do you want to
    spend the rest of your life?

         Happy Labor Day to all!
    # # #
    If you know of any corporation, organization, company, group or
    individuals that are interested in having Laura present her “Commit
    To Get Fit” motivational weight loss and wellness programs in
    the beginning of 2013, she will put on a highly effective
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    Laura Dion-Jones is a Pro-Health Activist, Certified Corporate
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    motivational & lifestyle writer, speaker and author: Commit To
    Get Fit: Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight
    Through Laura’s highly successful Commit To Get Fit/Elgin’s Biggest
    Loser motivational weight loss and wellness program, Laura helped
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         Here’s hoping you’ll be next.
    Laura is available for speaking engagements, individual coaching, and
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    As with any new diet and fitness plan, be sure to check with your
    physician before you begin.