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  • “If you wanna know about the road ahead, ask someone who’s on her way back.”
    -Old Chinese Proverb


    Da Super Bowl game this Sunday is absolutely no excuse to eat junk food like there’s no tomorrow, and it won’t help Da team win – not even one little bit. And it certainly won’t help da diet, either.

    But what it will do is retard your weight loss and wellness efforts too early into your New Year’s health and fitness plan if you don’t watch those white starch and sugar carbs you’re eating.

    When you find yourself getting swept up in the football frenzy of food, drink and fun – you have to learn how to enjoy yourself without carb-cramming like everyone else at the party. Maybe others can afford it – but you certainly can’t.

    And as far as using Da Super Bowl as an excuse for not losing weight at your personal weigh-in next Monday morning, I wouldn’t if I were you. It’s become one of my least favorite excuses of all. That, and having guys I work with try to convince me they didn’t lose any weight over the previous week because they “have their period.” Seriously!

    Sure, excuses like this can be funny at first, but in the end, how funny is it to sacrifice your health, weight loss and wellness for mere football fun food.

    And, BTW, you do have a personal weigh-in with yourself every morning, don’t you? Weighing every single day is a crucial key to true and everlasting weight loss.

    Trust me.

    A lot of us got through the holidays pretty well unscathed, weight-wise, but that was then and this is now . . . I wish I had a dollar for every time one of you use football games and other BS “holiday” celebrations as excuses for your mysterious weight gain.

    Personally, I don’t care if you eat carbs like crazy till the cows come home. That’s your choice. I finally made my peace with my weight and found the keys to true and everlasting weight loss. I can only share what worked for me with you. If you think you know better, so be it. However, you’re not fooling anyone but yourself because it’s written all over your body and your face.

    Whatever diet you choose is, of course, up to you. Whatever you’re doing to lose weight, or not, is also up to you. I just hope you choose a healthy, effective eating plan that you can live with for the rest of your life. Because if you don’t – the joke’s on you. It’s not my weight, heath and fitness that are at stake here. It’s yours.

    If you continue to eat the same way that got you into this overweight trouble in the first place, you’ll continue to get the same old results. What else do you expect?

    Cheating on your healthy eating plan just doesn’t pay.

    Because in the end – YOU wear everything YOU eat.

    Enjoy the game. But bring your own diet-friendly snacks and drinks. Always carry something low carb that you love to eat to keep from caving in to the temptation of the carb-loaded “pokey-bait” that’s usually the standard fare for these kinds of affairs.

    And by all means, make sure you get your pre-game daily cardio in.

    “If you wanna know about the road ahead, ask someone who’s on her way back.”

    That be me.

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