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    Along with our established weight loss programs, we work within the corporate culture to customize workplace wellness programs that maximize employee engagement and lead to significant health improvements within the organization.

    For corporate clients seeking a maximum ROI for their health and wellness initiatives, we design a program that will ensure employees sustain their weight loss and wellness successfully. We work closely with our clients to assess their needs, define a vision, communicate goals, and create a comprehensive, sustainable program solution for worksite health and wellness.

    Commit To Get Fit provides easy customization and unlimited flexibility. All program materials can be custom branded to your organization with individualized program planning and consultations.

    Corporate Wellness Program Support

    • Onsite Weight Loss and Wellness Programs
      Laura’s workshops may be condensed into half-day and full-day training sessions, giving you or your employees a variety of approaches, custom tailored to the needs of individuals for healthy weight loss.However, it’s always the 6 and 12-week follow up program classes that keep people motivated and interested in losing weight.Our practical, easy-to-implement weight loss programs provide accountability based fitness presentations and motivational seminars with a variety of approaches. Tailored to the needs of individuals for healthy weight loss, our programs foster a culture of wellness within a company or organization. The result? Energized and empowered employees and members, resulting in healthy bottom line savings.

    A yearlong program may be appropriate for participants who are looking for more extensive support to address more challenging goals. Laura tailors her approach to each individual accordingly.

    • Customized Health Action Plans that are informative, motivational, engaging and fun
    • Custom-designed employee wellness incentives
    • Custom-designed and executed Health Risk Assessments
    • Customized, high energy, high impact wellness screening services

    Motivational Coaching to Increase Employee Productivity

    Laura offers small group motivational workshops and customized corporate programs designed to increase employee productivity and create happier, healthier workplaces.

    A masterful, engaging and inspiring motivational speaker, she helps participants learn to deal with, and handle, stress, eliminate personal roadblocks, stay focused on goals and become more productive – helping your company increase your bottom line.

    Programs are customized to meet the specific needs of your group or organization to ensure that your employees get exactly what they need to move forward.

    Motivational Wellness Information Support

    One of Laura’s main goals is to provide program participants with motivational information and resources needed for successful results. Support includes:

    Weekly Motivational Newsletters delivered to you and your employees’ inboxes. Laura writes very effective, interesting, and highly motivational weight loss and wellness articles, available to your employees to help keep them centered and motivated to stay on course from week-to-week. These serve to support Laura’s in-person sessions.

    Daily Text Motivators will also help keep you and your staff on track with Laura’s motivational text missives as reminders to ensure successful weight loss and daily cardio results.