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  • By
    Laura Dion-Jones
    It is said that –
    “Depression is the
    inability to construct a future.”
    (Rollo May)
    If so – it’s no
    wonder a lot of you are increasingly depressed with your struggle to
    lose weight.
    And, is it any
    wonder that you feel helpless when your health, fitness and mortality
    are at stake?
    There’s almost
    nothing I hate more than seeing people grapple with their weight . .

    Drifting from one
    diet to the next – all in hopes that this time will be the last
    time. This time it’ll be just the “magic bullet” they’re
    looking for – and to think you’re gonna lose it all without daily
    cardio is crazy. Trust me – so get that thought outta your head right
    now – I don’t care what any of the “experts” say. Most
    haven’t been there. I have. I’ve lived a lifetime in obesity’s
    A good diet and
    daily cardio go hand in hand to get it all off and keep it all off –
    once and for all. Period.
    And if you don’t
    believe me, take this past Saturday night, for instance: I met a few
    Fab friends for dinner at Margaritaville at Chicago’s Navy Pier.
    When my pals showed
    up, I was aghast to see one of them had regained all the weight she’d
    previously lost – plus more.
    I could tell she
    felt self-conscious having me see her that way because of how she
    acted and the guilty looks she shot me.
    And at the same
    time, I was trying to hide my sadness and disappointment at seeing
    her in that condition, too. She had come to far in her weight loss
    and wellness journey to let it all pile back on – because of carby
    foods and the excuse that she’s too busy to squeeze in her daily
    Nonetheless, we ate
    like we were gonna be shot at sunrise, me included – the one who
    knows better. The one who needs to set a good example for others
    whenever she’s with them.
    But it was Saturday
    night, after all, we each reasoned. We’re here to EAT and bond over
    Saturday night
    supper is special diet dispensation no matter how you look at it,
    Wrong. This
    privilege only applies after you’ve lost all
    your weight . . . not while you’re
    trying to re-commit to get fit – not while you’re on your way
    back down the scale – again.
    And you know when
    you need to absolutely put your foot down, and do something about
    your weight and wellness right this second because you’ll never be
    able to lose your unhealthy, unwanted weight once and for all if you
    can’t construct a plan.
    A well thought out
    health and fitness strategy is one of the biggest keys to your future
    fitness, health and happiness.
    This is where I can
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    Or, invite me to
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    secret to your own true and everlasting weight loss.
                If depression really is the inability
    to construct a future, I’d get busy constructing if I were you –
    create your new health and fitness plan that you can live with
    There’re lots of
    other things in life to be depressed about besides something you have
    total control of – like your weight, health, fitness and life . . .
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    As with any new diet and fitness plan, be sure to check with your
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