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  • writersReviewed by Sierra Kay.

    Commit to Get Fit by Laura Dion-­‐Jones is an honest, frank and in-­‐your-­‐face assessment of her weight loss journey, providing a road map for the reader to follow. She begins with accounts of people’s perceptions of her—because of her weight—and how those perceptions influenced her decision to change.

    The book details a thirty-­five day health and wellness program designed to break old bad habits and replace them with personal responsibility. It emphasizes the individual’s role in taking control, and in building a lifestyle that focuses on a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

    It was inspiring to read of Dion-­‐Jones’s struggle with an injury that sidelined her, and how determined she was to find the right answers. She was not afraid to see a number of doctors until she had the necessary information. She exemplifies the energy and focus that we need to make a significant lifestyle change.

    Commit to Get Fit mixes personal stories and anecdotes with useful, factual information to help guide decision making. The openness and strength of the author’s voice makes this book easy to recommend, helping readers identify with the author and encouraging them to look at their own choices.

    If you’re looking to make a major life change, whether it’s weight loss or another area of your life, I suggest you pick up a copy of Commit to Get Fit.