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    Commit to Get Fit: Elgin’s Biggest Loser

    Commit To Get Fit provides accountability based fitness programs and motivational seminars with a variety of approaches tailored to the needs of individuals for healthy weight loss.


    Laura initiated a series of seven 6 and 12-week weight loss challenges over an 18-month period. Each of the seven groups consisted of 35 – 50 Elgin and Fox Valley area residents.


    Laura worked with each participant to identify the diet and cardio plans that helped them reach their weight loss goals. Over the course of 18 months, Laura supported each group on a weekly basis — through weigh-ins to help manage progress, identifying timely topics and education to improve wellness awareness, accountability and motivation.

    Laura also used her weekly talk radio show, “The Laura Dion-Jones Show,” broadcast live on Wednesdays from 3-4 p.m., CST on WRMN 1410AM, to support the “Commit To Get Fit: Elgin’s Biggest Loser” competitions. The format was varied, inclusive and fun. Participants shared their experiences. Nutritional experts were brought in to offer insights and Laura provided motivational direction, encouragement and support.