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  • breakNew research shows that breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day. Baloney, I say.

    And as Health officials consider new guidelines, some question whether this advice is still sound.

    Since nutrition is a relatively new field, you have to take into consideration the “old” research, then “new” research and then your overall lifestyle – and do your own research.

    The experts say that eating breakfast revs up your metabolism, keeps your hunger hormones in check, improves cognition and helps you get more nutrients in.

    Those who ate nothing for breakfast lost more weight, according to the newest study. This is because they didn’t rev up their pancreas slamming it into overdrive with white starch and sugar carbs first thing in the morning – like they usually do!

    I will tell you this much – it’s all in what you eat for breakfast. If you indulge in high glycemic fare like oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, cereals and the like – this advice is not sound.

    When you start your day off with high carb, high glycemic food you’re only setting yourself up for diet failure by over producing insulin.

    And what is insulin? It’s the Fat hormone. Not dietary fat.

    When you stimulate your pancreas to over produce insulin, you crave more and more food. You’re ravenous, right? Eating’s all you can think of all day long. And you usually end up eating everything in sight, too.

    I strongly recommend you eat a little something in the morning to take the hunger edge off – but you don’t need a belt-buster like a lot of people eat. You’re not gonna be shot at sunrise, so . . .

    Eat a high-quality, protein-rich, low-glycemic breakfast and watch what happens. And ditch the oatmeal! It’s waaaay too high-glycemic

    When you lose weight, your biometric numbers will come down without stuffing yourself with oatmeal. Trust me. Try it and see.

    You wear everything you eat. And I hate looking like oatmeal is shoved up under my thighs, don’t you?

    Learn to eat the “right” types of foods that will keep you feeling full and satisfied – and nothing does that like low carb.


    Think protein, low glycemic veggies and fruits.


    So don’t skip Breakie, just ditch the carbs and see what happens for yourself.