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  • “To attain something good, there’s always something

    in the way that we have to overcome.”

    Old Navajo saying


    To attain something good, like improved health and fitness, ask yourself, what exactly is standing in your way that you need to overcome.

    I just got that about 20 or so pounds are still standing in my way – of everything I want and need to do.

         Now, as a motivation, weight loss, walking, makeover, and lifestyle expert and coach, what do I do about it?

    No choice but to take my own best advice and really, really get strict with myself, keeping my carb addiction broken – but it ain’t always that easy . . .

    I’m a notorious sweet-a-holic, ice cream and chocolate being my biggest healthy lifestyle demons. After all, ice cream and chocolate are their own food groups, are they not.

    All kidding aside, sweets really are my prime addiction. Once an addict, always an addict, I always say. It’s all in how well you manage your addiction. I’ve managed mine well enough to keep 150 pounds off for 12 years and counting . . . however . . .

    When you keep that white starch and sugar carb addiction broken on a consistent basis, that’s when you’ll really begin to enjoy true and everlasting weight loss . . .

    But you also have to combine your healthiest, best dieting efforts with an hour a day of cardio . . . seven days a week.

    No negotiation.

    No excuses.

    Please stop kidding yourself about the importance of daily cardio because it’s a crucial key to true and lasting weight loss and a much healthier, happier lifestyle.

    I absolutely cannot live without my daily cardio walk. I know only too well how much it benefits me in every area of my life.

    When I have to miss a day because of business, speaking or travel – an undertow of panic promptly sets in. What if I miss two days, then three, I wonder. Next thing I know, my old, fat self speaks up and laughs at me – telling me that I’m just spinning my wheels, wasting my time. Then I know for sure that it’s time for me to get my ass out the door, prontito, or else . . .

    Develop the daily discipline.

    Work up to an hour of cardio a day.

    Redevelop your will power. It will serve you well in all things.

    Remember: It takes 35 straight days to make or break a habit.


    Less daily effort just doesn’t cut it. Trust me on this.

    You can do anything for 35 straight days, can’t you?


    “To attain something good, there’s always something standing in the way that we have to overcome.”


    What do YOU need to overcome to get started . . . in anything?

    What are YOU doing to get started . . . if anything?

    What are you waiting for??