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  • Do not lose hold of your dreams or aspirations.

    For if you do, you may still exist, but cease to live.

    -Henry David Thoreau

    angelEver meet an Angel face to face? I met one the other day. Actually, this one wasn’t the first one – I’ve met several in the past. They always show up when I need them most and they’re almost always African American, too, which, for a white gal, some think kind of odd.

    Two of my best friends are black and both swear that I was probably a black woman in one of my past lives. Don’t ask me why – but it’s what each of them separately claims, probably because of my outlook, my philosophy, my directness, my something . . .

    Anyway, for some reason I was compelled to dash over to my local, corner 7-11 mid-afternoon to buy some lotto tickets. I needed a little break. You know how it is . . .

    It was cold as hell that day – one of the lowest temps of the year. You know what I mean. It was damn cold. Windy City-winter cold.

    As I entered the 7-11, standing at the counter was a FedEx driver with his back to me. I don’t remember how the conversation between all of us went, but somehow I said something about how much we business people love and appreciate our FedEx and UPS drivers and how happy they make us – being our favorites.

    As I moved up to the counter and to the right side of the FedEx driver, she turned to speak to me. I was surprised to see that what I thought a man, was actually a woman. I have no idea why I just assumed the bulky, bundled up person standing before me was a guy, but she turned out to be a female who resembled Whoopi Goldberg, of all people, and she even sounded like the Whoopster, too.

    Then she sincerely said of my praise, “We thank you for your business. People like you pay our mortgages.”
    I was stunned at her heartfelt comment because in the grand scheme of things, I probably don’t send enough FedEx packages to even pay her enough for a few nights out on the town once in a while, let alone her mortgage. However . . .

    One thing in our conversation led to another and the next thing I knew, I was handing her my radio show business card while she asked me a ton of questions about what I do and what my show is about.

    In the picture on one side of my card I have blonder hair, and on the reverse side I’m pretty much back to my original trademark, dark burgundy-red hair with rose-gold streaks.

    Ms. FedEx made a comment about the hair color disparity and I said something about getting older and wanting to go back to my more youthful, red hair, but needed to disguise the fast-growing gray around my face, hence the burnished blonde streaks. You know, just sort of making girl talk.

    Ms. FedEx looked at me and said, “Here’s your thought for the day girlfriend: ‘There are many people for whom the privilege of growing older is denied.’”

    Her statement really made me think. Growing older is a privilege, but one that we usually do not take gracefully, and definitely take for granted – especially me.

    She then said a few more kind of spiritual things to me and as she turned to leave, I held out my left hand to shake hers as I often do – closer to the heart I’m told – besides, my right hand was full of stuff. And as we shook hands, our eyes met and she said, “I’ll pray for you if you pray for me.”

    What an angelic thing for her to say, I thought. I’m sure Angels need prayers, too. Look at all the temptation they’re surrounded with 24/7. How they manage, I have no idea, but:

    As she slipped out the door, I asked her name. “Angela,” she replied, half turning her face toward me.

    Thinking back, I don’t recall ever seeing a FedEx truck parked outside, nor hearing one, either. You know that familiar, grumbling start-up sound.

    What makes me think Angela was an Angel? It’s just a feeling I got from the second our eyes met till she wandered out of sight.

    Granted, nothing amazing has happened since the sighting. Haven’t won the Lotto yet, nor a Golden Globe, but I can tell you this much: Nothing bad’s happened, either. So that’s a blessing in itself.

    I do thank God and all my Angels every, single day for all my gifts and blessings, for His abundance and love, for my health, beauty, talent and creativity, and for my incredible weight loss and motivational work that enables me to help others do what I have done – because at the end of the day, when I sit down to really think about it all, I’m more blessed than a lot of others out there, and still I whine.

    It made me realize, I could be dead….right now.  I could be missing out on everything I am experiencing.  I was 150 pounds overweight.  I added more strain and stress to my over-worked, under nourished body.  I ate like my body was invincible.  But it’s not.  And I could be dead.

    Instead of dying, I made a commitment to live.  Every day since then I have been grateful for the days I get to experience, the moments I get to enjoy, the people, like Angela (or was it Angel?), who I get to meet.

    Do not deny yourself the privilege of getting old.  It is a blessing beyond anything else.  If you are struggling with your health, let me be your angel and show you the way.

    Don’t turn your back on having this privilege.