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  • The greatest gift I receive is helping, inspiring, encouraging, and motivating everyone I possibly can to live their best and longest life possible.

    I have no idea where I would be today if I hadn’t Committed to Getting Fit.  I’m not sure I’d even be alive.

    But I am here.  I am living a fabulous, healthy life.  The best part of all?….I am helping those around me live a life that they had given up hope on ever having.

    I have taken those who decided they they were destined to be fat and despised looking into the mirror and helped them transform their lives…..just like I transformed my own life.

    With all of this in mind, you can imagine the emotion I felt when I was notified by Canyon Ranch that I am a recipient of their 2015 Inspiration Award.

    Canyon Ranch is the world’s recognized leader in healthy living and luxury spa vacations, with destination spa resorts and SpaClub® day facilities on land and at sea. Since 1979, they have received countless awards and accolades for their innovative approach to health and fitness, and for the serene, relaxing and inspiring spa environments.

    In March I will be traveling to Canyon Ranch’s Tuscon, Arizona resort to accept my award.  I am incredibly honored and humbled by this recognition.

    I would like to send a special thank you to Diane Panozzo for secretly nominating me for this award.  Her words bring tears to my eyes…..

    Laura has always been an inspiration to me ever since we first met about 35 years ago. She helps people discover their true best personal potential in all areas of their lives and teaches them to emphasize their positive attributes from back in the day when she was a hairdresser and make-up artist giving makeover seminars to help people feel good about themselves through her own personal journey and struggle with weight loss.

    Laura was also one of the country’s first and top plus size clothing designers and models from the 1980-1998.

    Even with a disability, Laura managed to lose over 150lbs and keep it off for over 11 years through low carb eating and a daily walking regime. Laura more than walks the walk and walks the talk. Since January 1, 2003, she has walked over 35,000 miles leaving her unhealthy weight in her wake.

    Weight loss is NEVER easy and Laura’s struggle was compounded by a catastrophic skiing accident many, many years ago that left her right leg at a 45-degree angle with a knock-knee. She had her right knee replaced in June of 2009 and the left, in March of 2011.

    In addition to the problems with her leg and knees, she also suffers from a spinal condition called arachnoiditis, and had hammertoes, bunions and more. In spite of her disabilities she would get out each and every day, rain or shine, to get in her daily cardio walk.

    Through Laura’s weekly talk radio show, “The Laura Dion-Jones Show: How to Lose Weight Fast, Get Rich Quick, Look Young Forever” (WRMN 1410AM), she laid the groundwork for her Commit To Get Fit motivational book and programs helping dozens and dozens of men and women to lose hundreds and hundreds of pounds – creating real weight loss and fitness plans for real people living real lives.

    Laura has also worked with the Elgin Youth Leadership Academy out of Elgin Community College sharing her knowledge and experience and helping motivate eight at-risk teens so they might achieve their own weight loss success story and to dream BIG in terms of life and all it has to offer. (See short youtube video, “Dear Mrs. Obama: To End Our Country’s Obesity Epidemic – Please Redefine Healthy Eating” that Laura and her students made on an incredibly limited budget under her coaching guidance at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv4WCxQmoLc)

    Laura also conducted a program called “The Chicago Teens and Teachers Transformation Project,” at a Chicago inner city high school for two semesters, on lunch hour, totally voluntary. The first week she had about 8 kids in attendance – the second week 38 showed up plus a few teachers, and it grew from there.

    Laura’s mission, talks and speeches, her book and passion are to help put an end to our country’s obesity epidemic by changing the way people think about health and fitness, and redefining healthy eating by showing them they have choices, alternatives they might have never thought of before.

    Her two biggest takeaways are: She encourages people to “bend their best diet to fit their individual needs.” Reminding them, “You wear what you eat.”

    Laura encourages and empowers everyone she meets to do and be their best. She’s an incredible, inspirational role model and I think she deserves to win your Inspiration Award – to help motivate others do what she has done.

    I hope you’ll agree Laura’s message and mission are far too important not to be heard.

    Diane Panozzo
    Chicago, IL