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  • Everyone Is Talking With Laura Dion-Jones from Super Bowl Stars To Oprah

    Laura is a true inspiration and her journey of chronic obesity has touched the hearts and lives of all of those who have heard her story. After shedding 150 pounds, Laura has created a revolutionizing outlook on wellness while continuing to impress, motivate, and teach people across America how to live their best life. She has kept off her weight for over a decade and has been backed by some of the top nutritionists in the health and wellness field. Through her bold pursuit of complete mental and physical health, Laura has become one of the country’s top experts and motivational coaches in the fields of weight loss, fitness walking, developing discipline, overcoming adversity, stress management, improving personal appearance and increasing self-esteem and confidence.

    Think of Laura as a catalyst, a one-of-a-kind motivator who provides effective, accountability-based wellness and motivational programs and seminars geared toward personal improvement – custom-tailored to the needs of the individual, group or corporate wellness program. Her coaching touches on the physical, emotional and environmental aspects of each person’s professional and personal life. And her Commit To Get Fit seminar and follow-up support series touch on the how-to’s of healthy weight loss and maintenance.

    Laura’s straightforward and encouraging “if I can do it, YOU can do it” approach will give you, your employees, or your organization just the jumpstart needed for increased, sustainable wellness, improving everyone’s personal and professional lives across the board. 

  • Laura's Key Presentation Topics

    • Commit To Get Fit: Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss     
    • Motivation: Focus and Success in All Areas of Life            
    • Developing Discipline
    • Goal Setting & Achievement
    • Improving Human Potential - Increasing Self Esteem
    • Overcome Adversity: Have the Life of Your Dreams
    • Leadership & Team Work
    • Weight Loss and Nutrition the Healthy Low Carb Way
    • Carbohydrates and the Insulin Factor
    • Increase Employee Productivity Through Motivational Coaching
    • Stress Management Through Meditation
    • Improving Personal Appearance
    • Customer Service
    • Commit To Yourself – Complete Make-Over Seminar