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  • A Couple Fat Chicks Talking About Losing
    Once & for All!
    By  Laura
    “Fall down
    nine times – get up ten.
    Not trying
    means capitulation.”
    from Lee Gutkind’s,
    You Can’t Make This Stuff UP
         Sound like
    an oxymoron, or what – A Couple of Fat Chicks Talking About Losing Weight –
    Once and For All? Seriously!
         Not so much an oxy from
    this Formerly Fat Chick who hosts the show and leads the discussion, however.
         FYI: In
    2002 I awoke from a food-induced coma and found myself at 317 pounds – and climbing.
         Unable to
    stop that number on my scale from soaring any higher, I was desperate for
    weight loss salvation.
    That redemption arrived in
    the form of rediscovering eating a low carb diet and by adopting walking as my
    daily cardio of choice.
         I say “rediscovering,”
    cos that’s exactly what I did – while waiting to get in to see my then new
    internist, endocrinologist, Dr. Mark Stolar (Northwestern Internists Ltd.), I
    decided to go back on a modified Atkins low Carb lifestyle diet cos it always
    worked the best for me – regardless.
         I lost
    about 17 pounds during the 6 week wait it took to get in to see Dr. Stolar, so
    that was a huge cue for him and for me: Low carb was obviously what worked well
    for me.
         If you want
    to find out more about losing your unhealthy, unwanted weight once and for all
    – tune in to my Blog Talk Radio Show, Tuesday evening, July 9th from
    7-8 PM CST to hear A Couple of Fat
    Chicks Talking About Losing Weight Once & for All,
    so you can find out
    how you can do it, too, cos one of those “Fat Chicks” is really a Former Fat Chick who found the Secret To True and Everlasting Weight Loss and wants to share
    that secret with you!
         My very
    special guest is someone I’ve known for about 40 years, and she’s going to tell
    us why she decided to postpone her gastric lap-band procedure (because of my endless fedraying,
    I’m sure) and try to Commit To Get Fit
    With Laura
     – going it on her own without any surgeries, fads or gimmicks – with my motivation and help – just one more time.
    Remember: If you fall down
    nine times – you gotta get up ten. Not trying means capitulation. Who needs
    that kind of defeat?
    C’mon, join us – listen live right from my website
    at www.commit-fit.com.
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