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  • J20131206-goalsust imagine for a moment what your life would be like 35 days from today if you really applied yourself to your new diet, fitness plan and your life . . .

    • You have a clear vision of your weight loss, health and fitness mission because you have spent the past 35 straight days meditating for guidance and direction about what diet and daily cardio activity you’ll use to lose.

    If you haven’t yet done your 35 straight days of meditation, started your new diet and daily fitness walking plan, what better time to begin than right now? I know firsthand how sick you are of hauling it all around. Maintaining that heft takes a tremendous amount of work. Why not just Commit To Get Fit and get rid of it?

    • You’ve thought about it, meditated on it and with help and advice from my new book, Commit To Get Fit, you’ve designed a weight loss and fitness plan and are ready to implement the next steps to improve your health and wellness – because your direction is now much clearer than it was 35 days ago when you first began thinking, planning and meditating, right?
    • Your vision is crystal clear about how you’re going to stick to your new eating and exercise plan and you know you’re headed for success.

    You’re finally ending your struggle with your weight once and for all, and it feels fabulous to be in control.

    • You feel an overwhelming sense of pride and confidence stepping into your new role as a much healthier, lighter, thinner, more fit person. Visualize it. See it. Live it.
    • You’ve discovered how to break through self-sabotage and the self-defeating mindset that you chronically practiced until 35 days ago when you read Commit To Get Fit and began to meditate for strength, clarity and direction.
    • You’ve realized exactly what it takes to be persistent in times of growth as well as pain and you’ve learned to go with the flow and work around it – doing whatever it takes to succeed on your weight loss and fitness plan this last time.
    • You’re empowered to live a life that is in full alignment with your goals, dreams and values. Sometimes weight loss and improved health and fitness are easier said than done, but very achievable, nonetheless. Read Commit To Get Fit and create a brand new you. Come alive!
    • You’re excited about the possibilities open to you to help yourself Commit To Get Fit: And Find the Secret To Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss – once and for all.

    What’s your vision of your health and fitness goals? Define them better than ever before.

    runningI lead by example and share my passion with everyone I meet because my message is far too important not to be heard.

    • Commit To Get Fit shows you how to unlock your fullest potential to be, have and do anything you want – including lose all your unhealthy, unwanted weight – once and for all. You just have to Commit To Get Fit to Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss . . .

    Bottom line: You gotta wanna.

    What are you waiting for?

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